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Foreman / Crew Leader


  1. Position description:

The Maintenance Foreman/Crew Leader must be thoroughly familiar with all aspects of Landscape Maintenance to include: cleanups, mowing, mulching, pruning, trimming, edging, weed whacking, bed maintenance, fertilizing, etc.; operating all equipment, ordering correct materials; and interfacing with customers, subcontractors, and suppliers.

Requires minimal supervision and performs all functions in a safe manner and while directing a crew of two to six employees. The Maintenance Foreman/Crew Leader must also attend to and complete all paperwork and administrative requirements related to the job while creating and maintaining a professional job atmosphere.

  2. Reports to: The Lawn Care Maintenance Foreman/Crew Leader reports directly to the Maintenance Manager/Supervisor.

  3. Skill set and educational requirements: The Maintenance Foreman/Crew Leader, who is a WORKING FOREMAN, must possess the following skill set and educational background:

A. Minimum of a high school diploma

B. Possess a valid driver’s license and must be insurable on company’s insurance policy.

C. Have a clean criminal record and in possession of a Valid Certificate of Good Character

D. Legal documentation to verify employment eligibility.

E. Physically able to handle the work load of a Lawn Care Maintenance Leadsman and/or Laborer.

F. Have full range of mobility in upper and lower body.

G. Able to lift 50 pounds without assistance.                                   

H. Able to interact with customers in a professional and courteous manner daily.

I. In possession of a valid PLEA CERTIFICATE (10 HOUR HSE AWARENESS) or capable of attaining.

4.  Responsibilities: 

A. Has a minimum of Three years’ experience in FOUR or more of the following lawn care operations:

-         Operating String / Edge Trimmers (Wacker)

-         Operating Blade Edger (Wacker)

-         Pruning plants: Formal and selective

  • using Manual and Mechanical Trimmers

-         Operating Blowers both back pack and wheel

-         Calibrate, mix and administer Chemicals

  • Back pack and Boom sprayers

-         Aerating and Mulching

-         Diagnose Healthy and Unhealthy Lawn and Plants (an Asset)

-         Power Washing & Basic Painting skills

-         Trouble shooting and Preventative Maintenance of Small Engines (an Asset)

-         Operating ZTR (Zero Turn Lawn Tractors) under 35HP

-         Operating Ride on Tractors (more than 35 HP) and possessing     relevant license

-         Tree Pruning

-         Supervising

B. Thoroughly understands all aspects of landscape maintenance as outlined above.

C. Able to operate company truck and all maintenance equipment safely and effectively.

D. Able to perform all daily preventative maintenance (PM) on company equipment.

E. Able to order materials.

F. Has the leadership capability and demeanor to effectively manage and direct a crew of two to six people.

G. Meets or exceeds company production standards for landscape maintenance.

H. Ensures that jobs are kept on schedule and on budget.

I.  Ensures that all safety procedures are followed and reports any unsafe conditions to supervisors.

J.  Ensures all workers’ compensation insurance claims are properly documented and reported immediately.

K. Ensures all accidents are properly documented and reported immediately.

L. Looks for extras and converts them into change orders when appropriate.

M. Ensures all change orders are processed

N. Interfaces with subcontractors to ensure timely and accurate completion of their phase of

O. Interfaces with suppliers to ensure timely and accurate delivery of job materials.

P. Ensures that company production standards are met.

Q. Maintains a clean crew truck always.

R. Able to fill out and process all necessary job paperwork, purchase orders, and time sheets, etc.

S. Able to interact with clients in a professional and competent manner.

T. Able to train crew as a team and maintain a high level of morale.

U. Ensures that job cost reports are properly analyzed.

V. Able to use the company’s Lawn Care Software on smart devices

           - CRM

           - Scheduling and routing

           - Measurement

W. Thoroughly understands and complies with company policies, procedures and SOPs.

X. Able to work with minimal supervision from Maintenance Manager/Supervisor, but knows when to ask for assistance.

Y. Is certified in:


         - CPR and First Aid.

           - Driving class 4 vehicles (an asset)

           - Defensive driving or capable of attaining

Z. Continuing education requirement: minimum of 10 hours per year.

5. Salary, bonus, and/ or commissions

    Commensurate with experience ($30.00 to $35.00 per hour)

5Appraisal criteria:

The primary appraisal criteria for the Maintenance Foreman/Crew Leader is to be able to perform all landscape maintenance tasks in a safe manner with minimal supervision, while meeting or exceeding company production standards and maintaining a high level of crew morale.

  6. Success factors:

A. Is a high-energy, self-motivated WORKING FOREMAN capable of supervising two to six crew members

B. Is organized in all areas (personal office space, field operations, crew truck, job sites, etc.).

C. Leads by example.

D. Presents himself or herself in a professional manner.

E. Initiates action when needed.

F. Anticipates problems and plans ahead for needed materials, equipment, and assistance.

G. Requires minimal supervision.

H. Informs Maintenance Manager/Supervisor when assistance is needed.

I. Willing to work flexible hours and at times very early to minimize exposure to extreme heat.

J. Work throughout the country

7.   The hidden job description

A. What personal qualities are necessary for this job:

(1) Positive outlook and disposition.

(2) Enjoys challenges and problem solving.

(3) Leads by example.

(4) Consistent behavior.

(5) Customer-service oriented.

(6) Strong work ethic.

(7) Persistent and persevering.

(8) Self-starter.

B. What type of behavior will suit this job:

(1) Energetic.

(2) Goal oriented.

(3) Inquisitive.

(4) Organized.

(5) Action oriented.

(6) Multi-tasker.

D. Are there any unusual circumstances in this organization that the person will have to cope with:

(1) Poor economy.

(2) Undeveloped estimating, scheduling, tracking, and job costing systems.

(3) Lack of skilled workers.

E. What kind of work should a person thrive on in order to be happy doing this particular job:

(1) Likes to run the show and organize the same.

(2) Likes to organize and control chaos.

(3) Likes to coach and build a team of professionals.

(4) Responds well to difficult and complex challenges.

8.  Individual profile:

A. A self-starter.

B. Action- and results-oriented.

C. Excels at coaching and building a team.

D. Excels at leading and managing a crew.

E. A multi-tasker.

F. Prone to act more than analyze.

9.  Professional attitude:

A. Customer service oriented.

B. Enjoys coaching and building a team of professionals.

C. Displays a positive, “can-do” demeanor.

D. Encourages, assists, and supports fellow staff members.

E. Requires minimal supervision.

F. Desires to grow professionally and seeks to improve personal skill set.

G. Seeks out other professionals with whom to network.

H. Is punctual and energetic.

I.  Accepts and appreciates correctional input/feedback from fellow staff members.

J.  Enjoys working with and contributing to a team.

K. Maintains high professional standards for neatness, discipline, self-control, and organization.

L. Is not moody, belligerent, narcissistic, a loner, vindictive, mean-spirited, etc.

10.     Potential career path for next five positions:

A. Maintenance Manager/Supervisor.

B. Landscape Manager/Supervisor.

C. Operations Manager.

D. Sales Person.

E. General Manager.

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