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Job Title: Feed Mill Operator



Town / City: Valencia

Job Type: Permanent full-time

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Job Description for Feed Mill Operator

(Smithsfield Farms)

Reporting To

This position reports directly to the Farm Manager and in his absence, the General Manager.

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Hours of work are from 6.00am until 3.00pm daily, Monday to Friday, and on weekend from 6.00am until 12.00 midday (11.00am Sundays and Public Holidays).
  1.  In conjunction with 1. the job holder is expected to work six (6) days a week unless otherwise stated by the  Farm Manager or the General Manager and may be required to work on an additional seventh day for the week when absolutely necessary for the sake of the herd.
  1. The job holder is expected to be responsible for all functions within the Feed Mill, including operation of the cracker, the mixer, the grain pit, the grain bins and all other equipment associated with or connected to the Feed Mill.
  1. In relation to 3. the jobholder is responsible for the cleaning of all machinery on a daily basis as well as in conjunction with the maintenance department, regular servicing of all equipment which may also entail cleaning, including the tractor and ensuring that the feed mill buildings are kept as clean as possible, notwithstanding the nature of the products used.
  1. The job holder must ensure that the stock in the feed mill/mixer area is kept in an orderly and usable manner ensure correct stock rotation.
  1. The job holder is responsible for ensuring that all drive belts on all motors are correctly tensioned and in place and when necessary, they are replaced. This must be done in conjunction with the maintenance department also.
  1. The job holder must ensure that there are spare belts available near the cracker at all times and that when belts are used, that the Maintenance and Stores Supervisors are informed so that stock can be replenished.
  1. The job holder is responsible for receiving all grain deliveries from the suppliers through the established weigh-in procedure all the way through to completion of the final weigh-out and the submission of the paperwork to the administrative staff in the office and when necessary, staying after 3.00pm when the truck is running late.
  1. The job holder is responsible for receiving all feed additive supplies including premix, salt, cereal, limestone and other ingredients and after receiving, handing in the paperwork to the administrative staff correctly filled out.
  1. The job holder is responsible for regularly checking the stock for replenishment as detailed in 8. and to report to management all discrepancies of stock balances immediately.
  1. The job holder is responsible for ensuring that the Cracker  is turned on and left in good operating condition at the end of each working day to ensure that corn is cracked over night for use the next day unless the two (2) cracked corn bins are already full at the time of departure. The job holder must report to maintenance and management immediately if there any issues when the cracker is turned on or the next morning when it is checked upon arrival.
  1.  The job holder is responsible for the mixing of all types of feed correctly using the established formulas and ensuring that the feed is delivered to the correct feed bins for the appropriate building, on time.
  1. The job holder must also ensure that there is no wastage of feed, that the feed does not get wet and that any difficulties experienced in delivering the feed are reported immediately.   
  1. In conjunction with the Maintenance Supervisor, the job holder must ensure that the Whole Corn, the Wheat Midling, the Soya and the Cracked Corn bins are periodically serviced to ensure grain does not stick to the inside of the bins.
  1. To perform any other reasonable duty as expected from you in your supervisory status as designated by farm management.


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