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Investment Analyst

Provide investment research, analytics and recommendations to facilitate in investment decisions for investment portfolios managed by AMBL.


  • Prepare investment analysis and recommendations for securities to be added to the investment portfolios managed
  • Prepare and update country reviews and assessments based on investments held on all the portfolios managed
  • Review performance and asset allocation reports for submission to the Investment Committee:
  • Examine and assess economic and market trend, earning prospects, financial statements and other indicators to determine suitable investment recommendations.
  • Monitor and produce reports on the price movements/yields of the preferred shares and other investments which rely on triggers held on AMBL's books and investments which are
  • Prepare quarterly presentations of the investment performance of the pension plans managed


  • BSc. Finance/Economics or professional qualification in Accounting


  • Excellent quantitative and qualitative analytical skills
  • Strong numeric skills
  • Proven work experience as an investment analyst
  • Bloomberg proficient
  • Computer literate


  • Minimum two (2) years working experience in a similar position


ANALYTICAL PROBLEM-SOLVING – This competency is concerned with applying an analytical approach to solving problems and reaching
logical conclusions. This means gathering information from a variety of sources and quickly gaining an understanding of it. It requires working effectively with complicated, conflicting or ambiguous information, and looking beyond the surface of issues to identify their underlying patterns and causes.

PLANNING & ORGANIZING - This competency requires people to establish and prioritize tasks and objectives in order to manage time and resources appropriately. Effective planners will set deadlines based on the time required for each task, and on how each part of their plan affects the others. They will also have backup plans in case the situation changes.

INNOVATION - Innovation is about turning creative ideas into original solutions. This competency is concerned with producing new or different approaches to current situations and enabling this creativity in others. An innovative approach involves both generating ideas and seeing them through to implementation.

CLEAR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION - This competency concerns the ability to write clearly and succinctly. Clear Written Communication means adapting the style and content to meet the demands of the situation and audience. To communicate clearly and effectively will usually mean using well-structured, logical arguments and avoiding unnecessarily technical or complex language.

DRIVE FOR EXCELLENT RESULTS - This competency requires a strong focus on setting and meeting high standards. People who drive for excellent results expect high standards from themselves and others. To be sure of this, they will take appropriate steps to monitor the quality of their own work and that of others.

CUSTOMER FOCUS - People demonstrating Customer Focus are eager to develop strong, lasting relationships with their clients.
They are driven by a desire to understand and satisfy their customers’ needs, exceeding their expectations wherever possible. This competency may be concerned with clients inside or outside the
organization; internal customers may be other departments or individuals from the same organization.

COPING WITH PRESSURE - Coping with pressure requires a positive attitude in stressful situations or following failure. It relies on the
ability to manage one’s own emotions, a willingness to take on challenging tasks, and the energy to remain focused on those tasks when presented with obstacles.

INITIATIVE - People showing Initiative are constantly looking for things to do. They are self-confident and proactive and will generate activity for themselves rather than waiting for instruction. They are also prepared to take risks if they feel there is potential benefit in doing so.

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