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Town / City: San Fernando


Address: 1 Shafik Drive, Cross Crossing, San Fernando, TT

Main Contact Name: Human Resource

Telephone: 657-8425/ 657-9044/ 652--7211

Email Address:


Rahamut Enterprises Limited (REL) is the largest transporter and distributor of petroleum products for the Trinidad and Tobago National Petroleum Marketing Company Limited in Trinidad and Tobago and a leading marketer of several international brands in the areas of Lubricants and Greases, Oil Analysis, and Environmental and Safety products/services.

The Company, a business with over 40 years of history, services the following key business segments;
• Retailing of Gas Oil (Diesel Fuel) by Bulk Petroleum Road Tank Wagons to industry;
• Bulk Transport of Liquid Petroleum Products to Multi-National Clients;
• Bulk Transport of Potable Water for Industrial Consumption;
• Tank Cleaning and Maintenance Services;
• Marketing and Distribution of US manufactured, Conoco and Kendall, brands of Lubricants and Greases;
• Marketing and Distribution of other imported and locally manufactured brands of degreasers and other environmental and safety products;
• Analytical Services through its Envirolab Division and in collaboration with its US partner, Insight Services.

Services include: Oil Testing, Diesel Fuel Testing and Maintenance and Other Services to improve product performance.


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