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Company: RAMCO Industries Ltd

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Job Ref.: AccAsst

Job Title: Accounting Assistant



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

General Accountability

The Accounting Assistant performs data entry and manages Accounts Payables and Receivables. The position holder provides assistance to the Assistant Accountant and Accountant in order to ensure that the day-to-day accounting activities for Sudsidiary companies are carried out in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Specific Duties:


  • Preparation and data-entry of Cheque Payments, Sales Invoices, Receipts, Bank Deposits, Bank letters, Wire transfer letters.
  • Payment of Utility bills – telephone, electricity, WASA is paid on a timely basis before deadline date. In the case where the bill was not received, the position holder would follow up with the Office for the actual bill and /or balance so payment can be made.
  • Preparation of Accounts payable and Receivable reports by 3rd working day of month and following up with Customers for payments and ensuring Suppliers / Vendors are paid on a timely basis.
  • Physical stock is to be taken with the Assistant Accountant on a monthly basis the next working day proceeding the month’s end. The physical stock file is to be updated and signed by the Accountant by end of stock count day.
  • Inventory Reconciliations is to be done by the 2nd working day of month’s end and signed of by Accountant.
  • Assistance in the preparation of VAT – adding all VAT from the cash disbursement, purchase, sales and receipts journals and submitting to Assistant Accountant by the 9th day of the month. VAT is paid every other month.
  • Monitoring of Invoice, purchase order, receipts, cheque books, deposit books etc.
  • Filing - invoices, payments, bank letters, wire transfer letters, deposits, receipts, remittances, statements, returned cheques, bank statements, delivery notes, and purchase orders.

Qualifications required:

Person Specifications:

Minimum Acceptable Academic/ Technical/Professional Qualifications

q  Level 1 or 2 CAT or Level 1 ACCA

Minimum number of years relevant experience

q  At least two years (2) years in an accounting environment

Specific Skills/ Experience and /or Knowledge

q  Computer Literacy.

q  Numerical Skills.

q  Analytical Skills.

q  The ability to work as a team member.

This vacancy is closed.

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