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Company: Recruitment Services Ltd

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Job Ref.:

Job Title: Corporate Communications Manager



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:


  • Engaging, managing, building and growing our social community
  • Responsible for planning, developing and implementing Public Relations strategies
  • Ensuring timely and accurate content management on the company’s website and intranet
  • Developing, implementing, maintaining and testing the Business Continuity Plan for the Company
  • Promoting the company’s corporate image through all other initiatives of the Corporate Communications Department
  • Coordinating the activities of Unit


This position reports to the Group Co-Chief Executive Officer. There are no persons under supervision.



The Corporate Communications Manager will:

  1. Ensure all duties for the department are executed in a timely and professional manner
  2. Liaising with and answering enquiries from media, individuals and other organizations
  3. Managing the PR aspect of a potential crisis situation
  4. Liaising with Managers to gain knowledge of all company’s activities and events, write articles, do photography, submit to the agency for the production of the newsletter-The Company’s Newsletter and edit the layout for final draft to be reviewed by the Group co-Chief Executive Officer. For each quarter, the aim is to ensure that The Company’s Newsletter is circulated to staff and stakeholders within the 4 weeks of the new quarter
  5. Assist with the development of the company’s Annual Report
  6. Updating of the Corporate Score Card Report to be sent to the Directors on a monthly basis
  7. Work with Category Managers to understand the brand essence and from this plan

implement creative social media strategies to grow fan base, traffic to our websites and customer engagement

  1. Liaise with all managers in The Company’s management, communication, conflict resolution, and

      compliance on websites, intranet and social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

  1. Be well-spoken/written, create engaging content, and be highly responsive and proactive in keeping users interested and engaged
  2. Encourage, facilitate, and develop relationships with customers and other stakeholders
  3. Ensure all content and communications stay in line with the needs and mission of the
  1. Contribute concepts and ideas that will serve to enhance the company’s online presence
  2. Track and monitor the performance of social media activities and campaigns weekly
  3. Be as creative and dynamic as the rapidly changing digital world
  4. Coordinate events; and ensuring all events are updated on the relevant sites in a timely manner
  5. Conduct Quarterly Surveys based on Customers, Suppliers, Stakeholders and Employees
  6. Do artwork for internal and external communication
  7. Create and update all power point presentations for The Company’s – monthly updates to be done
  8. Responsible for the updating of certain internal and external communications for The Company’s -notice boards, corporate profiles, presentations, organisation structures etc.
  9. Responsible for the standardization of logos for companies, divisions, letterheads, call cards and other stationery
  10. Updating of Company’s Photo Archive
  11. Assist in the re-development of all companies websites and intranet as required working with the web designer and The Company’s ICT Department
  12. Attendance and coordination of all company and brand events
  13. Flexible to assist in any other activities of the Corporate Communications Department


The Corporate Communications Manager will:

  1. Development, implementation and maintenance of The Company’s Business Continuity Plan
  2. Monthly updates of the BCP to be conducted-liaise with the management team to ensure all changes are communicated so these can be updated to the BCP
    1. Quarterly updates to Beacon Insurance to be submitted


The Corporate Communications Manager will:

  1. Ensure circulation of fitness centre schedule to all staff clearly communicating changes when necessary
    1. Ensure the timely registration of staff for activities daily, and encourage participation to promote healthy living
    2. Ensure gym register is collected daily and ensure members are reminded to sign the register upon each use of the gym
    3. Maintain good relations with all instructors for activities, providing all the needs required for sessions
    4. Liaise with the ICT department for any non-functionality of music equipment
    5. Ensure all work out equipment is properly maintained-cleaned and serviced according to the guidelines stipulated. A record of all servicing is to be kept for HSE purposes
    6. Ensure all interested staff sign and complete the ‘Waiver Form’ which clearly identifies previous injuries, medication being taken and negates The Company’s liability from any future injuries
    7. Ensure all staff abide by the rules of the Fitness Centre
    8. Ensure accurate payments are made to instructors on a monthly basis for sessions conducted
    9. Ensure the facilities and equipment are properly maintained and report any issues to have them rectified as soon as possible
    10. To maintain a gym asset register – to be reported and circulated to the Group co-Chief Executive Officers annually


Any other functions assigned by the Corporate Communications Manager

HSE Roles and Responsibilities of Staff:


  1. All Employees demonstrate accountability by:
  2. Following all HSE rules at all times.
  3. Stopping any work that they recognise as being unsafe and reporting it to their Supervisor.
  4. Reporting all accidents and incidents they are involved in or witness to their direct Supervisor as soon as they reasonably can.
  5. Using all equipment in the work place as designed and with design operating safety features.
  6. Conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times, treating everyone in a cordial and direct fashion. The Company expects everyone to be treated with respect and dignity at all times.
  7. Becoming familiar with the HSE procedures required to perform their jobs safely.
  8. Ensuring full compliance with all applicable legislations and site regulations.
  9. Attending and actively participate in scheduled HSE training meetings, toolbox talks and HSE programmes.
  10. Performing all work in a safe manner.
  11. Using all Safe Systems of Work available. For example Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Permits, Risk Assessments, Checklists etc.
  12. Observing good housekeeping practice.
  13. Reporting the taking of any medication while on the work place to their Supervisor.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing or Computer Science or related discipline of study.
  • Experience in social media use will be an asset
  • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Office applications
  • Experience in social media use and strategy development.
  • Outstanding creative writing, grammar and communication skills.
  • Ability to deliver quality work in a fast paced and high volume environment.
  • High level understanding of a diverse range of social media platforms.
  • Knowledge of online marketing and tactics.
  • Experience or understanding of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Maximum will be an asset. 

This vacancy is closed.

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