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Company: Eastman and Associates Limited

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Job Ref.: FA/272/EAL

Job Title: Financial Analyst

Salary / Package: $18,000.00


Location: TOBAGO

Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

Performance Measures
 Robustness of company’s risk framework and execution
 Positive management feedback
 Legal and ethical compliance

 Risk Analysis
- Participate in the timely and accurate preparation of credit applications, correspondence, returns and other credit documentation
- Participate in the Approval Team for the sign-off and execution of proposed transaction terms sheets and other memoranda
- Evaluate investment applications using Firstline resources, in collaboration with other members of the Firstline team
- Prepare reports which include ex ante risk management assessments and develop recommendations on proposed transactions and financial advisory service mandates for preliminary approval by the risk management team and subsequent presentation to the Firstline Board of Directors in the case of proposed transactions
- Participate in the creation and maintenance of targets for risk-adjusted portfolio returns
- Prepare analytical and structural documentation for capital finance and other projects
- Ensure a minimum annual credit review of Firstline’s portfolio in order to identify and document key risk factors as well as monitor the quality of credits based on developed credit and market risk policies and practices, economic conditions, specific customer performance indicators and legal and regulatory compliance, taking or recommending corrective action as appropriate
- Submit reports to committee
- Research, analyse and monitor countries, industries, companies and products on a continuous basis
- Research, analyse and monitor market, operating and other company-relevant risks on a continuous basis
 Credit Facility Maintenance
- Review client prospectuses
- Implement and maintain programs and procedures which focus on facility quality, covenant compliance, security perfection, identification and management of problem facilities
- Authorise facility disbursements based on an assessment which ensures maintenance of security perfection and satisfaction of conditions precedent as stipulated by credit approvals
- Manage bad debt recovery. Assess client portfolios to determine submission of bad and doubtful reports. Recommend provisions and write-offs
 Company Public Outreach
- Prepare research reports and marketing pieces for publication
- Participate in the hosting of market update seminars, product presentations and any other form of client outreach

Qualifications required:

Must have first Class degree in Finance or imilar discipline, Young graduates, Scholarship winners, Willing to work and grow.
Skills and Qualities
 Excellent oral and written communication skills.
 A confident demeanour in both public arenas and one-to-one situations.
 Intermediate to advanced knowledge of investment products and the local to international financial markets through academic enterprise, prior career work or self-learning.
 Strong organisational skills.
 Willingness to learn continuously.
 Integrity.
 Ability to work and add value in a team.
 Efficiency with Microsoft Office and web-based applications.
 An entrepreneurial work ethic which is both independently pro-active and team-oriented.

Location Map:

Dear Candidate, Thank you for providing us with your CV as the preliminary step in the process of registering for employment through Eastman & Associates Limited, your preferred Recruitment Agency. Processing/Fees • In order to assist with a job placement, you are asked to visit our offices (in office attire) at #31 Scott Bushe Street, Port of Spain between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. • At that time, you shall be interviewed and will be required to complete an online mandatory psychometric assessment (personality test). • There is a non-refundable processing fee which ranges from TT$250 - TT$500 (cash only) depending on the level of job requested. • This registration is valid for two (2) years. Requirements On the day of registration you must bring the following: 1. Your resume with details of CXC and A Levels inclusive of Grades 2. Original of all your Educational Certificates 3. Original and copy of your Birth Certificate 4. One valid form of Identification (ID Card, Driver’s Permit or Passport) 5. A police certificate of character (a copy of the receipt is acceptable; however original must be forwarded upon receipt). 6. Two work-related references, as indicated on your resume along with their contact information. (Eastman and Associates reserves the right to refuse/withdraw services from, and employment to, any candidate who misrepresents their qualifications, experience, abilities, status and background). Should any of your documents not be in the name used for registering, please provide the support for the name change e.g. marriage certificate, deed poll. We thank you once again for selecting Eastman and Associates Limited for your job search and look forward to being of service to you. Regards Eastman & Associates Ltd # 31 Scott Bushe Street Port of Spain Tel: (868) 625-3232, 623-2533 Fax: (868) 625-3219

This vacancy is closed.

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