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Job Ref.:

Job Title: Service Champion (South)



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:


To assist with all of the duties required by a Service Champion, creating a culture of outstanding customer service, employee development and increasing shop sales; while upholding the Brand Standards as set by HD Café Ltd. as well as the Business Goals set by HADCO Limited.


This position reports to the Manager directly.


  1. Key Service Commitment Responsibilities.
  1. Delivers quality customer service consistently
  1. Demonstrates Passion about his/her work, the products served, and the Häagen-Dazs Brand.
  1. Maintains a comprehensive knowledge about all Häagen-Dazs Products and Menu Items.
  1. Work flexible hours, nights, weekends and holidays, being punctual for all shifts.
  1. Key Talent Management Responsibilities.
  1. Ensure that all of our products are served to the customers, as outlined, in the Service Champion’s Training Handbook.
  1. Learn all operating systems, products, flavors, and standards outlined in the Service Champion’s Training Handbook, with an added emphasis on ergonomics and safety for scooping and other work functions.
  1. Provide assistance in the daily operations for their shift including store & staff appearance, customer service, cleanliness, compliance with all safety and operating standards, merchandising and production and inventory of waffle cones, cakes, novelties, and baked goods.
  1. Ensure tasks such as cleaning and packing of dishes, garbage disposal, checking and cleaning of bathrooms, wiping of glass windows and cabinets, and the sweeping and mopping of floors is carried out in a timely manner.
  1. Ensure customer satisfaction with friendly, timely service and proper product handling.
  1. Ensure that all opening and closing procedures are followed and executed in a timely manner.
  1. Ensure proper product portioning through daily scoop practice, tracking all lost products, and recording all product used on the daily ice cream inventory form.
  1. Follow all cash register and cash handling systems established by the Manager to ensure the accuracy of all register and cash transactions.
  1. Support the implementation of the store-marketing plan with an emphasis on marketing the store in the local community through innovative donations, catering, and special event programs.
  1. Pleasant disposition and well-mannered


  1. Certificate of Character
  2. Food Badge

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