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Company: Yes Careers

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Job Ref.:

Job Title: Imports Manager



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

Primary Accountabilities:

  • ·Manages all cargo by tracking containers and ensures tracking sheets are up to date to reduce rent imposed by the Port for any Ocean or Air Cargo and to prevent the company from incurring any demurrage costs associated with incoming shipments

  • ·Ensures the company is not in breach of any importing laws and mitigate any issues that may arise out of any breaches

  • ·Determines the landed cost of items, consulting with finance to prorate costs and advise of any charges incurred by shipping agents, hauliers, brokers or local authorities

  • ·Reviews all shipping documents to ensure completeness and accuracy and interface with the finance department to ensure the company pays for all invoices

  • ·Ensures all product details are maintained on the operating system and Range Plans/Pricelists, to guarantee the Branches have the  most updated information for Ticketing and Sales purposes

  • ·Manages the clearance process of all cargo and the security of said cargo from the Port to the Warehouse

  • ·Negotiates cheaper rates with shipping companies and follow-up on goods that are left behind

  • ·Initiates and follows up on all insurance claims for all damaged goods

  • · Ensures that all team members perform their duties within time frames set and duties are actioned in a correct manner




•           Bachelor’s in Business/Management Studies or related discipline or C.I.P.S (Advanced Level)

•           2-3 years’ experience in the business environment


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