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Company: National Canners Limited

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Job Ref.: Job

Job Title: Quality Systems Coordinator



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

Objective of Position:

 1.      To assist in the development, implementation, co-ordination and maintenance of a Food Safety Management System, reporting all relevant activities to immediate Supervisors. 2.To assist in monitoring for compliance and effectiveness of the Food Safety Management System submitting written reports of findings to immediate Supervisors where required.


Key Result Areas:

 ·        Co-ordinate activities to ensure effective implementation of the Food Safety Management System (FSMS e.g. HACCP).

  • Perform scheduled audits of the Company’s Food Safety Management System.
  • Perform scheduled Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audits.
  • Develop, update and maintain all required FSMS and GMP documentation while addressing all non-conforming areas.
  • Assist in the analysis of customer complaints and follow-up action when necessary.
  • Conduct specified FSMS training for company personnel as well as major customers.
  • Conduct Hygiene and GMP training on new and existing employees as required.
  • Liaise with any external parties or stakeholders to address FSMS and GMP concerns.
  • Ensure all relevant systems & programs are in compliance with Food Safety requirements.
  • Assist in the preparation and distribution of Audit Plans, Schedules and Reports as required.
  • Ensure all tasks are conducted as per safe work procedures and in accordance with OSHA guidelines.


Qualifications required:

Education:                 QUALIFICATIONS: First Degree in Food Science and Technology, Natural Sciences.

                                                              Master’s degree,   Certificate and / or training in Food Safety/ ISO and Internal Auditing, Certificate for PCQI-Preventive Control Qualified Individual will                               be an asset.

EXPERIENCE:    At least two (2) years working in Food Safety/ ISO – related environment.

SKILLS AND ABILITIES:      In-depth knowledge of quality system requirements.

                                             In depth knowledge of Process Auditing.

                                             Excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills.

                                             Methodical and thorough.

                                Proficient in MS Word, Excel, Power Point and Visio.

                                             Operational understanding of Food Safety/ISO Standards and application of a management system to achieve required results.

                                       Knowledge of applicable regulatory and Food Safety requirements.

                                       Knowledge of FSMS policies and procedures relevant to the job description.

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