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Company: KAPPA Drugs Ltd

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Job Ref.:

Job Title: Category Buyer



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

Category  Buyer

Job Summary

The incumbent is responsible for managing all purchasing activities, category management  and merchandising  to  achieve annual gross profit  dollar  objectives for  given group  of product  departments  .  The person is also responsible for ensuring that all  company purchasing  policies -   quality standards, procurement , operating policies and  code of conduct / ethical  behaviour is  complied with .

Duties and Responsibilities


Category Management

  • Develop and implement a category management plan to achieve annual gross profit dollar objectives.  Identify  growth product categories .
  • Review non performing  skus  and  new products  as part of the category management process.
  • Marketing intelligence / Competitive prices – Conduct price audits and  competitive trade visits to ensure  competitive prices and re negotiate with suppliers where necessary.
  • Maintain  good housekeeping of the Product Database file.

              Promotions / Specials

  • Negotiate special prices and deals to  include in the promotional  flyers and  co-ordinate   all in-store promotional activities  with the marketing / promotional calendar.  ( eg. Sampling ,  events etc) .


  • Managing the gondola end rentals  that integrate with the promotional calendar .
  • Printing  of in store pop , signage  for  specials offers / deals.
  • Develop  a planogram  to  optimize  shelf space  based on the category plan.
  • Creating  exciting  Hot Spots and  displays  to  generate sales in the selected growth product categories.
  • Manage the  product mix  given the store and customer profile.

              Managing the Supplier Relationship

  • Develop and maintain vendor partnerships to ensure a relevant, innovative product range with reliable and consistent supply .
  • Negotiate competitive terms and conditions  with suppliers-  rebates , discounts , deals .
  • Monitor and evaluate suppliers performance based on:  order fill rates, lead time , collecting expired or damaged  goods  as stipulated by Supplies Policy terms and conditions,  advertising and promotional support.

Inventory  Management

  • Managing holding  stock policies to ensure the  balance between  overstocking ( affect working capital )  and   out of stocks  (resulting in lost sales and customers).
  • Managing the delivery and shelf replenishment process to achieve sales and gross profit objectives.
  • Utilize  Management reports to identify  slow moving ,  high stock items as well as high velocity and A –Line  products and take the required action .

              Managing  Purchasing staff

  • Manage  the  store buyers purchases  - ensure all orders placed on time , and the correct reorder quantities  based on current stock and future projected sales.
  • Manage  purchasing  assistant  .
  • Conduct Performance evaluations  for purchasing staff.
  • Ensure  communication with other  key departments – Operations /stores and accounts .


Qualifications and Experience

  • First degree in Business Management

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Excellent  analytical  skills  and  proficient in Excel  , Access and  Powerpoint.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent Negotiation Skills
  • Excellent customer orientation skills
  • Excellent planning and coordination skills
  • Excellent leadership skills

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