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Company: Tissues Limited

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Job Ref.:

Job Title: Continuous Improvement Team Leader



Town / City: Arima

Job Type: Temporary / Contract

Job description:

Reports to: Team Leader Production – TTL Last Review Date:
Department: Production - TTL Location : GBP/TTL
Head of Unit : Team Leader Production - TTL Prepared by: F.H. Ali

Job Summary

To meet the organization’s business objectives by managing continuous improvement initiatives to ensure optimum value creation and cost control across all departments of the organization. The successful candidate will be adept at managing cost reduction and value creation projects and designing, implementing and auditing a unified performance management system for mill and conversion operations.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Participates in the implementation of the continuous-improvement program at different levels in the organisation.
  • Collates the Company’s Balanced Scorecard data based on the inputs of various managers and submits the overall company Balanced Scorecard template to the Managing Director on a monthly basis.
  • Tracks and ensures that the Balanced Scorecard Actions items are followed-up by managers and evaluates performance of the improvements
  • Works with IT Department on the automation of Balance Scorecard, Value Creation tracking and departments KPI’s.
  • Collaborates with and collates information from all managers and reports on all Value Creation Projects (VCP) on a monthly basis.
  • Reports on the progress and performance of all cost reduction projects which have been proposed by each department as part of their annual value creation commitment.
  • Implements tracking and reporting tools to ensure accurate data collection and analysis by each department for all reporting periods.
  • Works with each department manager (or delegate) to design methods in which budget, scope and schedule variances can be managed.
  • Works with each department manager (or delegate), when necessary, to design additional cost reduction strategies for each quarter.
  • Implements Management Structure System (EGO) in all the Manufacturing Departments.
  • Customises the EGO Reporting System for both Grand Bay and Trinidad Tissues and reports periodically on EGO progress at both plants.
  • Audits and refines the EGO System as required.
  • Audits  operational processes for a performance management system in order to ensure that it produces the required results at the required time intervals.
  • Develops strategies to counteract any deficiencies in the execution of the performance management system.
  • Unifies the approaches to performance management so as to produce a manageable, repeatable and effective system which can then be applied to any department within the organization.
  • Provides training to employees on EGO, Continuous Improvement, Value Engineering and Business Process Mapping.
  • Works with other team members to ensure optimum productivity and efficiency in fulfilling routine work functions.
  • Participates in the Weekend Duty Team as per Weekend Duty Roster.
  • Ensures all processes utilised in the Company are in compliance with Government legislation, standards, and regulations.
  • Adheres to the company’s Health and Safety policies and procedures.
  • Regular attendance and punctuality are essential to job performance
  • Other related duties or responsibilities as required by Production Team Leader or designate.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Possession of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering or a related field from an accredited University/ Institute.
  • Possession of a MSc. in Project Management or a related field from an accredited institute will be an asset.
  • Possession of formal training in Business Process Mapping and Value Engineering from an accredited institution will also be an asset.
  • A minimum of five (5) years working experience in a related or similar capacity in a Manufacturing environment.
  • Experience in managing continuous improvement projects in a fast paced manufacturing industry.
  • Experience in leading the implementation and auditing of performance management systems such as EGO.
  • Experience in preparing project reports, performance reviews and technical proposals.
  • Knowledge of Industrial plant operational processes
  • Above average knowledge on the Occupational Health and Safety Act Chapter 88-108, (2004 amended 2006) of Trinidad and Tobago and the Environmental Management Act of Trinidad and Tobago (2000)
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication (Verbal and written) skills
  • Computer literate (Word, Power Point, Viso, Autocad, Visual Basic, Excel, BPCS, EAM)
  • Emphasis placed on Safe Work Practices

Key Deliverables

  • Accurate VCP reports
  • Accurate Balanced Scorecard reports
  • Effective monitoring of expenditure and project performance
  • Efficacy of performance management system
  • Quality in reporting and execution of duties
  • Reports on unsafe practices
  • Working in a safe manner

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