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Company: Massy Wood Group Ltd.

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Job Ref.:

Job Title: Material Handler



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

Material Handler

The main objective of this role is to support the receiving and issuing of materials as well as their preparation, kitting, inspection and consolidation in a effective and efficient manner.

 Roles & Responsibilities

  • Review in Maximo the reservations of materials and take the adequate actions to dispatch the materials in order for them to arrive before the required by date
  • Follow instructions to obtain materials/pallets that are required.
  • Review daily equipment checks to assure their integrity and their capacity to execute normal tasks in a safe manner.
  • Support tools and equipment management
  • Storage of materials ensuring proper materials preparation for storage and following minimum safety requirements to ensure materials integrity
  • Follow adequate hazardous materials management policies
  • When receiving Hazardous Materials consult incompatibility matrix and ensure they are only stored beside compatible materials.
  • Apply  recommendations given by manufacturers to provide adequate preservation of the materials while they are stored in the warehouse
  • Promote general order and cleanness of warehouse and optimize the use of available resources
  • Provide logistic support for the maintenance department in their efforts to search and locate available materials in Maximo and at the warehouse
  • Follow adequate disposal of residues
  • Must liaise with planners, technicians, engineers and schedulers in order determine if materials received at the warehouse must be stored or  shipped immediately to the facilities.
  • When required must  fill a Overage, Shortage, Discrepancy or Damage (OSDD) form and report any inconvenient presented by the items being delivered.
  • Print labels and tag all the items received and assure all items being issued have the correct labels
  • Provide support to Cataloguing and catalog administrator
  • Develop monthly reports on task execution and performance
  • On occasion support Receiving and Issuing Handlers, Preservation Specialist, Inventory Specialist
  • Participate in all HSE initiatives and trainings

Minimum Requirements:

  • High School Diploma, GED certificate or accepted equivalent.
  • 3 years' experience in Warehouse management preferably in the oil and gas or energy industries.
  • Must be able to read and understand written procedures, shipping documents, safety manuals, and safety warning signs.
  • Must be able to give and receive oral instructions and directions
  • Knowledge in Hazardous Material Management and spill containment
  • Knowledge in Warehousing storage standards
  • Basic knowledge in Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint
  • Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  • Upon Maximo 6.2 trained, capable of updating the system with the due receipts, issues, transfers.
  • Excellent communication skills, ability to work under pressure, team work.
  • Customer Service oriented
  • Must be able to drive lifting trucks such as 3T – 15T Forklifts
  • Willing to work outside of normal hours as the job requires

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