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Company: Recruitment Services Ltd

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Job Ref.:

Job Title: Sales Supervisor

Salary / Package: $6,000/mth + Incentive Sales Bonus



Town / City: Arouca

Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

Customer Service

q  Ensures that all request for twenty pound, one hundred pound, bulk and House-to-House L.P.G. are dispatched immediately to the designated sales personnel for delivery in keeping with customer’s request.

q  Calls customers as needed to advise as to any changes / delays in delivery.

q  Reviews the Customer Route Sheet from the prior day’s sales and seeks explanations from all drivers as to non-adherence to same including sales variances.

q  Provides the current day’s approved customer route sheet for twenty pound (20lb) customers PLUS customers not serviced from the prior day’s route sheets.

q  Tracks the progress of Salesmen against agreed sales targets investigates variances through discussions with them and liaises with the Sales Operations Manager for south issues and the Area Sales Manager –North on a timely basis in order to develop strategies to correct same.

q  Continuously prepares an end of week (every Friday before the end of business day) report to the Company’s Sales Operations Manager- South or the Area Sales Manager - North, summarizing the daily review of the customer route sheet including:

  • all instances of sales variances
  • customers who did not purchase
  • other data requested by the Sales Operations Manager

q  Communicates immediately with the Sales Management to address and resolve all issues with reference to delivery of L.P.G.

q  Vehicle Tracking – reviews reports on vehicle usage including but not limited to hours worked, start and stop times and area coverage

Attainment of Budgets for all Areas

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Complaints Resolution- (within 24 hours or less of receipt of complaint)

q  Works with the other CSR’s for the speedy resolution of all customer complaints

q  Communicates with customers on resolution of complaints/concerns immediately once the issue has been resolved.

Customer Visits.

q  Conducts, as directed by Senior Management, customer visits in an effort to resolve red flag issues including:

  • poaching by distributors
  • closed customers
  • replacement customers.

All unresolved issues to be submitted to the Sales Operations Manager.

q  Using the Vehicle Tracking System the CSR monitors daily vehicle usage. Advises the Divisional Manager- Sales and Marketing/ Sales Operations Manager on areas of concern re:

  • hrs worked
  • start and stop times
  • extent of route coverage
  • speed within assigned routes

So that timely action could be implemented to correct adverse issues.

q  Reviews on a daily basis the end of day sales of the House-to-House Contractors with a primary focus on the achievement of budgeted targets and informs the Sales Operations Manager/Operations Supervisor South or the Area Sales Manager - North of findings by ten o’clock the following workday.

q  Follows up on a daily basis at strategic intervals with House-to-House Contractors in an effort to support the sales process by dispatching relay vehicles as required.

q  Conducts, as directed and in keeping with the operations of the Company meetings with the House to House Contractors to address:

  • changes in business strategies
  • concerns of the House to House Contracts
  • concerns of Ramco Industries Limited

and submits a report on findings to the Divisional Manager- Sales and Marketing /Sales Operations Manager – South or the Area Sales Manager- North within one day of the meeting being held.

q  Reviews on a daily basis, the spreadsheet for all twenty pound (20lb) and bulk sales and informs the Sales Operations Manager/ Divisional Manager- Sales and Marketing /Area Sales Manager -North of irregularities/variances on a timely basis so that strategies can be put in place to correct same.

q  Reviews the Customer Spreadsheet to:

  • Identify dormant customers and calls same in an effort to regain lost business.

q  Prepares and submits to the Sales Operations Manager (South) or the Area Sales Manager- North at the end of each week a status report on dormant customer and replacement customers including:

  • customer listing
  • number of calls and visits made
  • person to whom contact was made and
  • response of the customer.

All proposed replacement customers must be approved by the LPG Dealers Association

  • areas serviced
  • sales value
  • new customers- value
  • dormant customers
  • replacement customers .
  • sales compared to the preceding month.
  • issues encountered and resolutions

Management Reports

q  Prepares the following reports and submits to the Divisional Manager Sales and Marketing in keeping with established timelines:

  • monthly sales variance (1st working day of new month)
  • weekly sales variance report (following Monday of the new week)
  • year to date report
  • bi-annual sales variance report (31st July of each year )


Dispatching and Human Resource

q  Assists, as directed by Senior Management, with the preparation of time sheets for casual and permanent workers ensuring the accuracy of information entered.


q  Works closely with the Company’s Fleet Manager to ensure that the division’s sales vehicles are effectively maintained and functional at all times in order to effect delivery of product and informs Senior Management of the unavailability of vehicles from the garage.  

Qualifications required:

Education & Experience

  1. Inventory experience is mandatory
  2. Sales experience & Supervision is an asset
  3. Proven Sales Leadership success
  4. Excellent communication and public relations skills
  5. Excellent customer and employee relations skills
  6. Good conflict resolution, negotiation and problem solving skills
  7. Self-motivated with the ability to motivate and develop others
  8. Good analytical skills
  9. Organized, flexible and resilient
  10. Able to multi task

Question 1:

Do you have experience in Inventory?

Question 2:

Do you have Sales Supervisory Experience?

Please answer the questions to Apply

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