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Company: National Canners Limited

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Job Ref.: Job

Job Title: Quality Assurance Manager



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

Objective of Position:

 ·       To establish and maintain quality systems for the production and delivery of food products to the consumer.

 ·       To continuously pursue cost-effective innovations on processes while maintaining or improving quality standards.

Key Responsibilities:

 ·       Establish protocols for and oversee the assessment of all incoming raw and packaging materials.

  • Approve raw and packaging material samples for purchase by evaluation to ensure conformance with established specification. 
  • Liaise with the Quality Control Departments of suppliers and customers when troubleshooting and/or establishing mutually agreed standards.  
  • Certify as necessary that products have met or exceeded quality specifications. 
  • Troubleshoot the causes of process/product failure and propose solutions. 
  • Establish quality control protocols for the production of all finished products as well as for potable water quality and boiler water treatment. 
  • Ensure all quality checks are carried out according to established guidelines and procedures. 
  •       Monitor results of QC checks to ensure that products/processes conform to established parameters.
  •        Adjudicate as to the fitness for sale and set circumstances and shelf-life under which specified products may be sold. 
  • Assess consumer complaints and recommend corrective actions regarding possible cause(s). 
  • Initiate lab tests as may be required to issue certificates of quality to local and foreign customers. 
  • Prescribe and monitor line sanitation procedures and practices and make necessary amendments.
  • Oversee the execution of contracted work relevant to the Department.
  •   Direct and monitor the activities of the Vinegar Production Center and requisition supplies as may be necessary. 
  • Ensure all quality control tasks are conducted as per safe work procedures and in accordance with OSHA guidelines. 
  • Allocate daily labour assignment of QC personnel to production lines. 
  • Direct and manage staff in accordance with the provision of the Collective Agreements, ensuring proper Industrial Relations practices and that Company policies and guidelines are followed. 
  • Lead the Food Safety Team with regard to all aspects of international food law requirements e.g HACCP which includes documentation, training, auditing and review of food safety systems. Continually monitor and improve all implemented systems. 
  • Appointed point person for the US Food & Drugs Administration. This invloves providing responses to field questions, registering products with the FDA for exported products and providing other information as required. 
  •   Train new members of management in the quality aspects of the manufacturing operations.

Qualifications required:

Education:                             QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Science in Food Technology or Chemistry, M.Sc. in Food Technology is desirable.

Experience:                           EXPERIENCE: At least five (5) years in a Senior Management position in Manufacturing environment, preferably in the Food Industry.

Skills and Abilities:            KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES: Ability to assess the interactive dimensions of product ingredients, process conditions and packaging so as to effectively manage the quality of the final product. Sound analytical and investigative skills. Good interpersonal skills. Attention to detail.


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