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Company: RAMCO Industries Ltd

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Job Ref.: RIL-TC

Job Title: Technical Coordinator (Garage Supervisor)



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

General Accountability

To ensure that the Ramco fleet of vehicles are in good working condition at all times and that the necessary statutory and other mandatory inspections are carried out in conjunction with the Fleet Maintenance Manager according to government regulations. Emphasis is also placed on supervising of employees under the position holder’s span of control to ensure that assigned tasks are performed in keeping with standing instructions and with strict adherence to the Occupational, Safety and Health Act of Trinidad and Tobago and the Health and Safety policies governing the activities of the garage.

Specific Duties:

      Vehicle Maintenance 

q         Assist by working with the Fleet Maintenance Manager in the Development and Implementation of a vehicle Preventative Maintenance (PM) schedule for the maintenance Fleet of Vehicles. 

q           Ensures that all PM work to the company’s fleet of vehicles is carried out according to the schedule and checklist.

q          Ensure that Maintenance jobs are done with high quality to prevent rework and costly repairs.

q          Report to the Fleet Maintenance Manager and all other relevant stakeholders of any variances from the predetermined schedule on a timely basis so as not to disrupt delivery service.

q           Ensure that Job Cards are generated, all relevant documentation are completed and submitted in a timely manner for all repairs to vehicles.

q         Coordinate breakdowns during and after working hours (and make follow up calls to same or goes on site) promptly so as not to disrupt delivery service and inform Fleet Maintenance Manager in a timely manner.

q          Report to Fleet Maintenance Manager all defects listed at the Safety Meetings and ensure repairs are executed for the vehicles in a timely manner.

q         Coordinate with Fleet Maintenance Manager and ensure that PM (oil changes) Schedule is carried out as required and ensure that all job cards completed and submitted in a timely manner. 

q          Follow up to ensure that parts required for the vehicle maintenance/repairs are available at all times and report to Fleet Maintenance Manager of any delays. 

q          Analyse all maintenance jobs to ensure cost effectiveness and to ensure that maintenance cost are within budget.

q           Upon completion of all vehicle repairs or maintenance a hand over form must be completed by you and signed by the user department and attached to the job card.



q          Co-ordinates and Supervise the daily activities of the Staff under perview

q         Check and verify that used parts held by stores are not reordered to avoid unnecessary expenditure and parts remaining in stores to become obsolete.

q           Ensure that employee’s time sheet is accurate and report to Fleet Maintenance Manager of absenteeism and poor punctuality.

q           Demonstrate good leadership skill; to communicate, inspire, motivate, and empower employees to produce consistently high quality work.


 Statutory Compliance

q         Coordinate with the Fleet Maintenance Manager to ensure that all “T” vehicles and private cars are prepared for annual government inspections according to government regulations.

q          Coordinate with the Fleet Maintenance Manager to ensure that light motor vehicles five years and older are prepared for government inspection.

q          Coordinate with the Fleet Maintenance Manager to ensure that all Road Tank Wagons are properly outfitted and prepared for inspection by NP.

q          Any other duties assigned by Management.

Qualifications required:

Person Specifications 

 Minimum Acceptable Academic/Technical/Professional Qualifications:

  •           Certificate in Auto and Diesel mechanic craft

 Maximum number of years of Relevant Experience

q          Considerable experience (minimum 10years) in the maintenance and repairs of various types of vehicles

 Specific Skills /Experience and/or Knowledge

  • Computer Literacy

This vacancy is closed.

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