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Company: RAMCO Industries Ltd

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Job Ref.: OSSL-GM

Job Title: General Manager



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

General Accountability

 The General Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations and administration of Olympic Security Services Limited with the primary focus on Customer Service and Operative type functions geared towards the goals and objectives of the Company. Great emphasis is placed in ensuring the Company is equipped with Corporals, Estate Constables, Security Officers and other personnel for the efficient running of the Security Company with a clear focus on offering consistent high levels of customer service at all times.

The position holder must adhere to all the Company’s Standard Operating Procedures governing his /her role as well as observing the Company’s Health, Safety and Environment System.


General Management:

    q  Responsible in conjunction with senior management for the recruiting of personnel required for the Security Company and recommends, based on the training needs of the existing and newly recruited security personnel, any training or developmental programs which would assists them in being able to perform their role and function at the Company’s accepted standard.

    q  Ensures that all employees under the position holder’s span of control conducts themselves in a professional manner whilst on duty and in keeping with approved policies and procedures.

    q  Prepares on a timely basis daily/ weekly rosters for all employees under his/ her span of control ensuring equity in rosterd times and also rostered days off.

    q  Informs all internal stakeholders of changes to the approved roster on a timely basis so that appropriate strategies could be put in place to correct same.

    q  Ensures at all times that all customer locations are properly serviced/manned in keeping with the approved roster and in the event issues arises to prevent this , takes the necessary action to ensure properly serviced/ manned locations.

     q  Ensures that all customers are treated in a professional manner with reference to adequate staffing at all locations.

    q  Works with the Company’s Managing Director and implements a Customer Visit Schedule by customer and by location with timeline for the completion of these visits.

   q  Prepares, in keeping, with the Customer Visit schedule a customer report indicating all findings gathered from the visits and submits same to the Company’s Managing Director within one week of the completed visits in keeping with the customer/s and location visited.

   q  Represents the Company along with the Managing Director at any meetings or other discussion to be held with the designated Union and holds consultation talks with the Managing Director and the Executive Chairman of the Group of Companies on any issues arising out of same.

    q  Ensures compliance with the law in relation to all Firearm, FUEL, FUL licences and renewals.

    q  Ensures that the firearms at Base are well secured and in a state of readiness at all times for inspection by the relevant Personnel of the Police Service.

    q  Ensures that there is adequate strength in the work force to ensure that excessive hours are not worked by the Estate Constables and the Security officers.


    q  Randomly visits posted personnel at locations and makes certain the service provided is in keeping with the Company’s policy with reference to efficient customer service.

    q  Audits and verifies on a daily basis the pocket diaries of all direct reports and ensures that same is maintained in keeping with approved standards.

   q  Liaises with the Managing Director both verbally and in writing of all” red flags issues” which can have negative effects on the operations of Olympic Security Services Limited.

    q  Documents, on a daily basis, in keeping with approved policies and procedures the following:

  • Firearms
  • Ammunitions

and records all relevant information in the specific “Police Station Diary” .

This Police Station Diary must be presented to the Company’s Managing Director on a fortnightly basis for her review.

    q  Works closely with the Company’s Managing Director to ensure that all disciplinary actions required are done in keeping with good industrial relations practice.

    q  Prepares and facilitates performance appraisal discussions on all employees ( in keeping with the Company’s timelines for same.

Reports: weekly/fortnightly/monthly

    q  Prepares various reports with reference to the operations of Olympic Security Services as requested by Senior Management


     q  Any other duties, which may be assigned, from time to time by Senior Management.

Qualifications required:

Requirements, Qualifications and Experience:

  1. A minimum of fifteen (15)years experience in the security industry, ten of which must have been at a supervisory/senior officer level.
  1. A strong desire to work flexible hours
  1. The possession of a valid Trinidad and Tobago driver’s license.
  1. Excellent interpersonal and networking skills
  1. Computer literate with experience in Microsoft Excel
  1. The ability to generate and produce varied management reports
  1. Fair knowledge of best practice Industrial Relations practices.

This vacancy is closed.

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