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Company: Branford General Contracting Services Company Limited

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Job Title: Facilities Officer



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

Job Description

Job Title


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Created / Revised

21-06-2017 / REV-0

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Type of position:

þFull-time       Part-time        Contractor        Intern


job summary:

The primary job responsibility will be to assist the management of assigned projects or multiple small jobs. Specific responsibilities include work scheduling of all personnel’s, establishing work standards, conducting site evaluations, audits, overall inventory/equipment usage, budget control, employee performance appraisals, troubleshooting/problem solving, orientation, training of location supervisors and janitorial staff and special project work as requested. This individual will also ensure that all managed services are being provided in a proper and cost effective manner.



·         Supervises, inspect and assigns the work of maintenance employees for their respective zones.

·         The officer will be substitute for a work that is not out at any location

·         Inspects work for completeness.

·         Determines material, equipment, and supplies to be used.

·         Transfers equipment and personnel from one project to another as necessary.

·          Keeps time cards and other routine records.

·         Coordinates or installs, inspects repairs and maintains the electrical, plumbing, and other related systems in all locations that maybe required.

·         Does general repairs such as painting, patching walls, security hardware, hanging shelves and landscaping.

·         Coordinates renovations of existing facilities and the construction of new facilities.

·         Coordinates and inspects major contract work on the electrical, plumbing, mechanical and other related systems in all health department locations.

·         Ability to perform various clean-up and maintenance tasks as needed.

·         Ability to update inventories and other supplies as needed.

·         Ensure custodial work standards and flows are followed. 

·         Evaluates employee performance at specific times

·         Trains subordinate team leaders and underlings in job skills, proper cleaning methods, and use of equipment, safety practices and prevention, and in work regulations.

·         Prepare and maintain records, reports, and correspondence relative to the work.

·         Demonstrate and promote company culture, values and management philosophy. 

·         Demonstrate quality leadership in meeting performance plans. 


·         Analytical Skills: Facilities officer must look at a lot of different information and make decisions based on needs and budget concerns.

·         Communication: Facilities officer talk to their employees, and work with management to make sure the job gets done. Being able to clearly explain what needs to be done will be necessary.

·         Attention to Detail: Quality control is a large part of a facilities officer's job. Making sure cleaning, upkeep and safety standards are maintained, or efficiencies are discovered, is key.

·          Leadership Skills: Facilities officer must motivate and coordinate employees, as well as deal with any disciplinary issues that may come up.


·         Working knowledge of the standard methods, equipment, and supplies used in small to large-scale janitorial activities of the service.

·         Working knowledge of the qualities, adaptabilities, and uses of common tools, equipment, and materials used in cleaning and maintenance activities.

·         Working knowledge of methods used in the cleaning of buildings both residential /commercial.

·         Working knowledge of occupational hazards and safety rules and regulations.

·         Working knowledge of vector control practices.

·         Knowledge of employee policies and procedures.

·         Proficiency in good customer service skills.


·         5 O’ Level CXC  including Mathematics and English

·         Certification in Facilities/Building Management will be an asset

·         Certification in Project Management and Planning will be an asset

·         Computer Literate

·         HSE Certification

·         Three (3) years in a similar position

·         Any other equivalent combination of training and experience will be considered

·         Ability to work flexible time

·         Vehicle in good working condition & Valid driver’s license

Other work related requirements

·         Some jobs require an employee to be exposed to hazardous work environments and conditions.

·         Availability to work late hours, nights and weekends when necessary.

·         Ability to walk or stand for prolonged periods.

·          Requires bending, stooping, reaching up, and lifting up to 50 pounds.

·          Must be able to work on Saturday’s

This vacancy is closed.

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