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Company: LIVET Wellness Centre

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Job Ref.:

Job Title: Delivery Driver



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

-    JOB NAME:  Delivery Driver

-    REPORTING TO: Manager

-    RESTAURANT: LIVET GOURMET                                                            email:


1-To collect prepared foods from main restaurant and deliver to branch on a timely basis. 2- Deliver orders to customers when instructed. 3- Make purchases and do deliveries for the Livet Group when necessary.



-       Assist in loading and unloading vehicle with items to be delivered

-       Ensure that items are properly stacked and secured inside the delivery vehicle

-       Take delivery instructions from supervisors

-       Maintain proper knowledge of loaded items

-       Ensure that appropriate and complete documentation is available at the time of loading

-       Drive vehicle to the point of delivery by using the best possible route

-       Make sure that speed limits are adhered to and Motor vehicle Laws of Trinidad and Tobago are complied with

-       Ensure that the vehicle’s paperwork is in order i.e Insurance etc.

-       Assist in unloading items off the vehicle in a safe manner

-       Ensure that delivery receipts are signed

-       Collect payments for deliveries made and give change

-       Fill in pertinent information such as mileage and delivery time in company provided log books

-       Check vehicle for possible wear and tear

-       Ensure that both general and preventative maintenance measures are performed on the vehicle

-       Change vehicle fluids on a regular basis

-       Clean vehicle from the inside and the outside

-       Perform diagnosis and troubleshooting activities on vehicle when needed

-       Ensure that the delivery schedule is followed

-       Handle invoice discrepancies by informing superiors of problems and complaints




Secondary education. Food Hygiene Certificate (basic). HSE certification would be an asset, owns a vehicle.



  • Should be knowledgeable with Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requirements, and is familiar with the use of a fire extinguisher.
  • Knowledge of Health regulations and processes relating to food preparation and safety.
  • Adheres to safety and security guidelines, follows emergency procedures and responds promptly,
  • Manages and utilizes equipment in a safe manner.


    • Must be in good health and physical condition.
    • Requires rigorous activity; grasping, writing, pushing, pulling, standing for long periods, walking, bending, stretching, repetitive motions, hearing, visual acuity, and may on occasion have to lift and carry up to 40 pounds.
    • Must be able to work with strong chemicals and safely use chemicals for cleaning purposes.
    • Must have own vehicle, preferably Hatchback.



WORKING HOURS – Sunday to Saturday 7:00am to 10:00pm - two shift system

This vacancy is closed.

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