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Company: Eastman and Associates Limited

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Job Ref.: FM/312/EAL

Job Title: Facilities Manager

Duration: 3 days a week

Salary / Package: Negotiable



Job Type: Temporary / Contract

Job description:

JOB FUNCTION The Facilities Coordinator plans, co ordinates and supervises in the field, preventative maintenance and repair exercises to the building (internal and external), plumbing, mechanical equipment, electrical infrastructure, fire detection and AIR CONDITION equipment in accordance with recognized procedures, techniques and regulatory requirements common to the field. ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIP The Facilities Coordinator reports to the Board of Directors PML. O WORK ACTIVITIES 50%: Preventative maintenance planning, co ordination and supervision for AIR CONDITION equipment, plumbing. elevators, generators, internal and external lighting and water pumps. 30%: Supervision and quality control for AIR CONDITION and other mechanical system installations and other building works (painting, masonry, FFE, ceiling. flooring etc). Preparing scope of works (activities, labour, equipment & materials) required for maintenance work and small projects. 10%: Planning and execution of small projects (civil and MEP). 10%: Preparing status reports, maintenance plans, budget plans, estimates and account sheets for works done. Maintaining records and contracts. KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED O • Knowledge of facilities management and the planning of preventative maintenance schedules. • Knowledge in procurement practices, policies and standards. • Project management training. • Ability to interpret and read blueprints and drawings. • Knowledge of contract management. • Knowledge of the OSH Act • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills.   Ability to multi task and work a flexible schedule. • Excellent interpersonal skills.   Proficiency in Microsoft Suite
Guidelines Followed Recognized Civil, Mechanical and Electrical procedures and standards gained through experience in the trade. Regulatory requirements and technical information available in manuals, manufactures' specifications and bulletins. Policies and Procedures governing conduct in the work place. Physical Plant Work Rules, OSHA, and Policy and Procedures SCOPE OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITY A. Complexity The Facilities Coordinator must be familiar with alf aspects of civil, mechanicaf, electromechanical, AIR COND}TION and electricai equipment; be able to diagnose minor technical problems and recommend and implement the necessary solutions. Also must follow recommended preventative maintenance schedules and service procedures for mechanical equipment, buildings and electrical equipment O B. Effect on Others The Facilities Coordinator's work affects the operation of the buildings and indirectly affects staff and clients. Failure to properly inspect and maintain equipment and buildings can lead to not only substantial monetary expense but also to operational downtime, environmental pollution, vehicular accidents, injury to workmen and damage to the property and other OSH implications. PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS A. Personal Contacts Personal contacts are service contractors. Emergency calls may involve contact with staff and Police service and Fire Service, Also may involve relationships with statutory bodies (WASA T&TEC, Town and Country Planning, EMA etc). Daily duties involve interactions with clients comprising staff and visitors. ENVIRONMENTAL DEMANDS A. Physical Requirements Must be able to climb ladders and work in confined spaces to perform inspections and assist in assessments, Must be able to lift and carry tools weighing in excess of 50 pounds. Must be able to work from rooftops and overhangs, Must be able to work safely in close proximity to moving and working equipment Must be available to work on an on-calt basis in cases of emergency. B. Work Environment O May work in dusty and dirty places such as elevator shaftsv in close proximity to sewer manhole and other mechanical spaces where high temperatures and confined spaces exists. Equipment may be oiFy and greasy. Will also be required to work for extended penods in close proximity to low voltage systems and in areas that may be exposed to direct sunlight. Would be required to visit several buildings across Trinidad and Tobago by utilizing ground, sea and air transport. Must have a good working vehicle

Qualifications required:

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE • Five (5) CXC Passes including Mathematics and English • Certificate training in the field of Facilities/Building maintenance • Certification in the areas of Civil, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering Technologies.   Certificate training in the field of Project Management • Minimum of five (5) years work experience in the area of facility maintenance

Location Map:

Dear Candidate, Thank you for providing us with your CV as the preliminary step in the process of registering for employment through Eastman & Associates Limited, your preferred Recruitment Agency. Processing/Fees • In order to assist with a job placement, you are asked to visit our offices (in office attire) at #31 Scott Bushe Street, Port of Spain between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. • At that time, you shall be interviewed and will be required to complete an online mandatory psychometric assessment (personality test). • There is a non-refundable processing fee which ranges from TT$250 - TT$500 (cash only) depending on the level of job requested. • This registration is valid for two (2) years. Requirements On the day of registration you must bring the following: 1. Your resume with details of CXC and A Levels inclusive of Grades 2. Original of all your Educational Certificates 3. Original and copy of your Birth Certificate 4. One valid form of Identification (ID Card, Driver’s Permit or Passport) 5. A police certificate of character (a copy of the receipt is acceptable; however original must be forwarded upon receipt). 6. Two work-related references, as indicated on your resume along with their contact information. (Eastman and Associates reserves the right to refuse/withdraw services from, and employment to, any candidate who misrepresents their qualifications, experience, abilities, status and background). Should any of your documents not be in the name used for registering, please provide the support for the name change e.g. marriage certificate, deed poll. We thank you once again for selecting Eastman and Associates Limited for your job search and look forward to being of service to you. Regards Eastman & Associates Ltd # 31 Scott Bushe Street Port of Spain Tel: (868) 625-3232, 623-2533 Fax: (868) 625-3219

This vacancy is closed.

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