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Job Ref.: CEDI-AC

Job Title: Verification Clerk



Town / City: San Fernando

Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

General Accountability:

The Verification Clerk – Cash and Inventory Balancing is responsible for ensuring that the designated stores under her span of control (with reference to inventory balancing) properly accounts for all inventory allocated to them, that all sales transactions and all cash is remitted to head office on a timely basis.

Stores Daily Cash Sales Reconciliation (for designated stores):

  • q Export from Overture (Digicel’s Reporting Programme) the daily sales and fixed sales for the previous working day. This information is sorted by store and entered (copy & paste special values) into the preformatted daily balancing spreadsheet.  It is matched against each Stores Daily Balancing Sheet.  Top Up is taken from the Top Up programme being used at the time and entered into the designated space.
  • q From the Stores Daily Balancing Sheet, the vault slips deposits are copied and pasted onto the preformatted daily balancing spreadsheet in the space provided.
  • q The actual deposits entered for each store is taken from the Vault Slip Deposit spreadsheet and is copied and pasted into the designated area of the preformatted daily balancing spreadsheet, to verify the money vaulted on the stores cash balance sheet.
  • q All variances must be properly investigated.
  • q On a daily basis, all shortages and overages that need special attention should be emailed to all persons and followed up with a phone call to the Operation Manager for the necessary investigations to commence.
  • q Each Friday the summary of variances (using a standard format) is emailed to the General Manager, Financial Controller and Operations Manager, all other Accounting staff are copied.  This email should indicate the date the sales have been balanced to and the deposits checked.  Proper explanations for all variances should be clearly noted.

Collection of Shortages from Store Staff - Weekly

Checking of Handset Upgrades

Checking off the Daily Vaulting ‘Before G4S’ and ‘After G4S’ sheets with the Bank Statement Deposit

Recording of Vault Slips – Cash Deposits and Linx / Visas Deposits

  • q After checking the Daily Vaulting ‘Before G4S’ and ‘After G4S’ sheets with the bank statement deposits, the vault slip number, date and amounts are recorded on the preformatted Vault Slip Deposit spreadsheet.
  • q The Linx / Visas are checked with the settlement scanned and emailed by the store on a daily basis and then entered into the preformatted Vault Slip Deposit spreadsheet.
  • Checking of Linx / Visas Settlements with Linx Slips and Vault Slips
  • Entering of Linx / Visas Settlements into Bank Reconciliation Worksheet
  • Stores Cash Sales Reconciliation (for designated stores):
  • Credit Sales
  • Monthly Stock Count (as per schedule) and Inventory Reconciliation
  • Head Office Stock Count (as per schedule) (rotated every six months)
  • Repairs Stock Count (as per schedule) (rotated every six months)
  • Daily Report Checklist
  • Checking of Daily Bank Deposits
  • Writing of Receipts
  • RBC Bank Reconciliation
  • Aged Stock Report
  • Copying of Micon / Facey Invoices for RMA (rotated)

Qualifications required:

Person Specifications:

 Minimum Acceptable Academic/Technical/Professional Qualifications

  • q Five G.C.E./ C.X.C. O’ Level subjects including Mathematics and Principles of Accounts.

Minimum number of years of Relevant Experience

At least two (2) years in an accounting environment performing data entry functions:

Specific Skills/ Experience and/or Knowledge

  • q Computer Literacy (Excel, Access)
  • q The ability to work as a team member
  • q The ability to work with minimum supervision

This vacancy is closed.

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