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Company: RAMCO Industries Ltd

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Job Ref.: RIL-RM

Job Title: Retail Manager



Town / City: Trincity

Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

 General Accountability

 The Retail Manager is responsible for planning, organizing, directing and monitoring the daily activities of  the Service Station and Convenience Store, ensuring that predetermined sales targets are met. Emphasis is also placed on cost management, customer service and adequate staffing. The position holder must ensure compliance to all relevant Health, Safety and Environmental operating standards as it relates to the laws of Trinidad and Tobago, the Company’s policies and procedures, and customer requirements. 

The incumbent must possess and exhibit a combination of interpersonal and motivational skills to inspire employees to continuously improve the performance of the business and their service to customers.

 General Management

  • Monitors sales for gas, oils, CNG, sundries and all other retail products in the Service Station and Convenience Store to ensure that targets are met, investigates variances (increases/decreases) through discussions with relevant Service Station Coordinators and submit findings to the General Manager on a timely basis so that corrective measures could be implemented.
  • Ensures that all required documentation for the balancing of the fuel and convenience store stock is completed daily and balances, investigates variances through discussions with Service Station Coordinators and submits daily reports to the Accounting Assistant and Accountant.
  • Reviews the daily levels of all fuel types and submit request to purchase fuel to the General Manager, CEO and Group FC. To ensure there are no stock outs.
  • Monitor the inventory levels of all convenience store items and forward a request to purchase items to prevent any stock outs. Once approved by the GM or designate in his absence, an approved PO is generated by the Accounting Assistant and forwarded to the Service Station Manager for execution and receipt of the stock.
  • Receive fuel from National Petroleum (NP) according to procedure for receiving product from NP and comparing to the Veeder Root monitoring system.
  • Liaise with IT and software consultants (TSL) for reliable operation of the Ruby, Sapphire and Pay at the Pump system.
  • Report all fuel dispensing software and equipment problems to NP Maintenance Department and inform GM/CEO and Executive Chairman.
  • Inform GM/CEO/Chairman and IT for any instances where the pay at the pump is non-functional.
  • Negotiates with suppliers to get the best prices for products and ensure quality of same when they are received.
  • Ensures that the established schedule of prices for convenience store items are adhered to at all times in the Service Stations and informs the Accountant of instances of deviation.
  • Prepare Service Station and Convenience Store work roster to ensure all shifts are properly staffed and provisions are implemented for absences
  • Schedules meetings (including Tool Box Meetings) as required with Service Station Coordinators to address and resolve issues including but not limited to:
    • Variances in sales quotas.
    • New ideas to generate revenue.
    • Operational issues  ( staff, pumps, fuel, products status etc)
    • Customer Concerns.
    • Employee Concerns.

 and submits a report of issues discussed and corrective measures to be implemented to the General Manager/CEO within two days of the completion of the meeting.

  • Supplies Service Station and Convenience Store statistics and other data to the GM/CEO/Executive Chairman as requested.


  • Ensures sales growth at the Service Station and Convenience Store and recommends appropriate strategies to the GM/CEO/Executive Chairman to effectively manage and maintain same.
  • Ensures that each Service Station Coordinator verify all vault drops during their respective shifts and then reconcile the shift sales with both cash vaulted and links/credit card purchases as per vaulting policy.
  • Opens the main vault in conjunction of the Accounting Assistant and verify all vault slips reconcile to the respective Service Station Coordinator’s report. Also verify that the number of vault slips reconcile to the Accounting Assistant bank deposit slip and the value of money being deposited as per Vault Reconciliation and Deposit procedure.
  • Performs monthly spot checks of Service Stations to ensure that the facilities are well maintained and that all policies and procedures are being adhered to, documents findings and takes the necessary steps to correct same.
  • Verifies and approves employee timesheets prepared by the Service Station Coordinator and ensure that employees are paid only for the hours worked.
  • Prepares and submits all reports (as requested) in keeping with standing instructions.


  • Co-ordinates monthly Service Station and Convenience Store stock taking exercises as directed by the Accountant/ Group Financial Controller.
  • Receives the Balancing Report Sheet prepared by the Assistant Accountant and works with the Service Station Coordinators and the Accounting Assistants to explain variances between the theoretical and physical stock within one week of stock take.
  • Ensures that all equipment in Service Stations are properly calibrated and liaises with the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Consumer Affairs and N.P. (Superintendent of Sales and the Supervisor of Technical Repairs) to co-ordinate calibration exercises as necessary.

Human Resource Management

  • Recommends relevant training/ workshops to the Human Resource Officer in order to ensure that all staff are properly equipped with industry skills to deliver superior service to customers.
  • Ensures that all the required forms for the recruiting and termination of employees are completed in keeping with the Company’s Policy.
  • Responsible for the Performance Assessment of all staff members under the Service Station and Convenience Store in keeping with set standards and measurements established by the company.

 Employee Leave Register Forms.

  • Administers the employees leave register forms and ensures that:
  1. a) All type of leave (Sick, Casual, Vacation, Bereavement) is inserted on a timely basis and submitted to HR and Accounts.
  2. b) The designated office validates the forms at the end of each year.
Customer Service
  • Ensures that all Service Station Staff are updated regularly with reference to the Company’s policy of effective Customer Service Management.

 Customer Complaint Resolution

  • Ensures that all customer complaints/issues are addressed and resolved within twenty-four hours and all stakeholders are informed of resolution of same on a timely basis to avoid the loss of goodwill.

Qualifications required:

Minimum Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • q A minimum of Five G.C.E./O’Level subjects including Maths and English.
  • q Diploma in Business Management from a recognized tertiary institution.
  • q Certificate of Participation in relevant Professional Enhancement Programs or a good mix of the above.
  • q Extensive experience in the day to day operations of Service Stations and Convenience Store or any retail business of a similar nature.
  • q A minimum of three years supervisory experience.
  • q Good customer service, interpersonal and communications skills ( orally and in writing )
  • q Good planning and coordinating skills.
  • q The ability to work independently.

This vacancy is closed.

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