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Company: Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (UDECOTT)

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Job Ref.:

Job Title: Senior Construction Manager-Tobago


Location: TOBAGO

Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

Senior Construction Manager-Tobago

Manages the construction coordination of all sites, ensuring realistic allocation of resources and the execution of all planned logistics.


The Senior Construction Manager manages the construction coordination of all sites, ensuring realistic allocation of resources and the execution of all planned logistics for any number and category of construction projects to ensure that these projects are streamlined and milestones are achieved within time and budget.

 The incumbent shall (i) independently analyze and undertake the review and oversight of project performance vis à vis project scheduling; (ii) ensure the effective co-ordination of activities of the various Contractors; and (iii) recommends any action as may be necessary to complete projects.

 The ideal candidate is required to provide critical support to the Senior Project Manager and must be able to multi task efficiently and effectively within a dynamic and high stress working environment.

Education, Knowledge and Experience

  • Possession of a BSc in Construction together with a minimum of fifteen (15) years construction field experience – with at least 10 years supervising projects in the capacity of General Foremen/Superintendent/Construction Manager


  • Possession of a Diploma in Construction together with a minimum of twenty (20) years construction field experience – with at least ten (10) years supervising projects in the capacity of General Foremen/Superintendent/Construction Manager


  • Any equivalent combination of qualifications, training and relevant construction working experience will be considered
  • Demonstrated proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office Suite and MS Projects
  • Proven construction engineering and managerial skills
  • Ability to maintain effective working relationships with internal and external stakeholders
  • In-depth knowledge of the management of construction sites from commencement to handover
  • In-depth knowledge of laws and regulations governing large construction projects 
  • In-depth  knowledge of OSH regulations and practice
  • In-depth knowledge of project management methodologies, techniques and concepts.
  • Working  knowledge of the Last Planner System™ and other Lean Construction tools will be a definite asset



Key Functions and Responsibilities

       Strategic Planning   

  • Operates as a critical member of the corporate team in the Construction Division’s strategic planning initiatives


Project Planning  

  • Assists the pre-construction team in meetings with clients and contractors as necessary
  • Reviews and ensures Project Management Plans are documented in the format and content in keeping with business needs.  
  • Liaises with Architects, Engineers, Project Managers as necessary and reviews plans and blueprints as are applicable
  • Reviews Master Schedules and ensures compliance with the requirements of the respective Contracts.
  • Reviews as-built drawings and manuals and confirms compliance of all deliverables with accepted designs and requirements.
  • Ensures the development/implementation of Inspection and test plans and commissioning schedules in accordance with End User’s needs.
  • Ensures the development of Schedules and Milestones towards achieving the end date of project(s) and coordinates schedules with the Baseline Project Schedule.
  • Follows-up with relevant personnel to ensure all statutory approvals are received in accordance with schedules; takes action as may be necessary.

Project Performance Management

  • Leads the production management for multiple projects managed by project/site managers (usually between 3-6 depending on size and complexity)
  • Responsible the ongoing field performance assessment for Contractors and sub-contractors in accordance with procedures or as directed.
  • Reviews on an on-going basis relevant project resources, project risks and related issues in accordance with the project plan and implement the appropriate mitigating measures as required.
  • Reviews progress of work against the Baseline Project Schedule daily/weekly with particular attention to milestones and critical path activities, and takes corrective action as required.
  • Reviews Procurement activities as defined in the Procurement Plan and examines to ensure that procurement schedule will allow for achievement of project completion date.
  • Where necessary interacts with Procurement management and takes decisions to alleviate any delay in completion dates; advises Corporate Management accordingly.
  • Liaises with HSE management and takes any necessary action to ensure HSE activities are aligned to targeted completion dates.
  • In collaboration with the Manager, Health, Safety and Environment, monitors and determines where HSE issues could impact on scheduled completion; takes action as may be necessary.  
  • Liaises with the Project Cost Control Manager and ensures use of project management tools in developing and managing project budgets.
  • Liaises with Project Managers and ensures clients are provided with feedback on a continuous and on-going basis relevant to status of related projects.
  • Monitors the Design-Builder’s labour reports, comparing the estimated costs against the actual costs, monitoring costs to complete savings or overruns.
  • Prepares and signs off on the relevant Board Notes as necessary.
  • Ensures approval and implementation of QA/QC Plan, focusing on construction scope, constructability issues and material deliveries, ensuring alignment with project scheduling requirements.
  • Holds regular meetings with Contractors and ensures the coordination of the various site activities
  • Reviews Design-Builder’s Quality Control Programme with respect to the compilation of quality records, format of certification and acceptance records of the works.
  • Reviews schedules, inclusive of A/E schedules, off-site operations, punch list inspection; testing and commissioning inspections, and warranty reviews.
  • Reviews schedules in respect of all testing requirements as required by the specifications inclusive of soils, compaction, concrete, MEP systems, fabrication certificates.
  • Where adjustment to any schedule is required, ensures all affected Contractors are advised and consequential adjustments planned for other schedules as necessary.
  • Approves any specified works prior to the Design-Builder’s continuation of subsequent activities.
  • Ensures that all projects comply with building codes and any other legal or regulatory requirements.
  • As the Project(s) near completion, assesses the various issues to prevent any negative impact on project closeout and transition from construction and commissioning to actual use.

Communication and Relationship Building

  • Liaises with the Corporate Communications Department with respect to any public relations initiatives as required from time to time.


  • Designs for approval - report formats that would provide corporate management with accurate and reliable details of all project performance.
  • Prepares monthly or other status reports as required utilizing the approved formats and software.

The Office holder will be recruited on a contractual basis and unsuitable applications will not be acknowledged by the Corporation. Kindly submit copies of relevant academic qualifications inclusive of Cover letters and CV's. Please note that ONLY academic qualifications from accredited instituitions will be accepted.

All applications must be submitted by 4.00pm on November 20, 2017. Hard copy applications should be submitted to:

UDeCOTT's Tobago Office: Ashora Court, Lower Milford Road, Scarbourough.


Senior Manager, Human Resources, Level I, UDeCOTT Head Office

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