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Company: LIFETIME Solutions Limited

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Job Ref.: VET

Job Title: Veterinary Hospital Manager



Town / City: POS and San Fernando

Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

The Veterinary Hospital Manager

The Veterinary Hospital Manager is responsible for seeing that administrative policies and decisions are accomplished. Generally, the office manager is responsible for the daily accounting transactions with clients, banks, suppliers, and personnel. The Office manager will coordinate scheduling, training, purchasing, and bookkeeping for the veterinary practice. Some office managers may be the liaison between the administrator and support staff personnel. Other Responsibilities include:

  • Either directly or in conjunction with the business owner(s) or board of directors: recruits, interviews, and hires professional staff. Mediates professional staff personnel problems, maintains their employment policies and contracts, and may act to help maintain and supervise a medical protocol.
  • The purpose of a hospital administrator is to serve the owner(s) or board of directors of the practice in establishing and reaching the goals and policies they desire. The administrator combines the elements of business and veterinary

Qualifications required:

Job Details:

Office Manager of two (2) veterinary clinics. One clinic is in Diego Martin and the other in St. Joseph Village San Fernando. Report to the two Directors month and as needed. Manage a staff totaling 12 of which 5 is in North and 7 in South.

Being mobile is important to go between the two clinics on a pre-determined schedule on altering weeks.

Skills Required

  • Over Five years as a lead accountant,
  • Generate Accounting Reports and budgets
  • Fluid in Peach Tree and excel.
  • Payroll administration,
  • Calculating taxes,
  • Familiar with Inventory management,
  • Familiar with Trinidad Employee laws and regulations
  • Owns a vehicle

A typical Veterinary Hospital Office Manager is responsible for the following:


  • Implementing, documenting and training personnel in daily accounting processes
  • Overseeing Daily bank deposit preparation and execution.
  • Overseeing Peach Tree Entries are thorough and accurate: Invoices, payments received, vendor and Inventory Entries
  • Pricing entries are reviewed regularly
  • Reports: Payables, Receivables, stock, payroll, operating expenses, P&L and B/S 
  • Accounts receivable statements, collections, and policies.
  • Computing taxes and prepare tax returns
  • Preparing and issuing salaries, NIS, BIR, HS PAYE
  • Audit both the preparer and hospital personnel performance to assure that proper methods and techniques are being used.
  • Periodically reviews fee schedule for services, products, and increases or changes as necessary.
  • Establishes hospital budgets and projections for growth.
  • Reviews and/or purchases supplies and equipment assuring that a periodic review is made to assure that optimal prices are obtained.


  • The supervision of receptionists and/or front office support staff.
  • The office manager may be responsible for the initial reviewing of receptionists’ applications, receptionists’ interviews, their training, and may perform their employment reviews.
  • Plans for optimal staffing to assure maximum productivity and service.
  • Directly recruits, interviews, and hires support staff personnel.
  • Supervises support staff personnel and acts as the direct authority regarding disciplinary procedures, discharging, and all the legal responsibilities of employment.
  • Maintains a thorough set of employment policies and employee manual.


  • The office manager functions as the liaison with clients concerning complaints or problems the client is experiencing with the hospital.
  • Developing and accomplishing a hospital marketing program
  • The office manager may direct the front office support staff through structuring, scheduling, motivation, and education to produce the highest level of client satisfaction possible from the services the reception staff provides.

This vacancy is closed.

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