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Company: Royal Castle Limited

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Job Ref.:

Job Title: Restaurant Manager



Town / City: North South East & West Branches

Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:


Channel of Communication:

The Manager will report directly to the District Manager or to any person (s) as may be designated from time to time.

Summary Function: The Manager ensures the efficient, effective, productive and profitable operation of the outlet to which he/she is assigned.  The Manager must be punctual and professional in dress and manner. As part of the management team, the Manager must:

  • Offer ideas and suggestions for improving store performance and productivity
  • Implement decisions in the best interest of Royal Castle Limited.
  • Ensure the highest level of quality is established and maintained with regards to products and service.
  • Ensure all Company’s policies and procedures are adhered to by self and all members of staff.
  • Be held responsible and accountable in instances of deviation from the Company’s quality standards, policies and procedures.
  • Be an exemplar to staff.
  • Be loyal to the Company and committed to achieving its goals.
  • Maintain a professional, objective, unbiased disposition.
  • Ensure that the operating hours are in accordance with the Company’s guidelines.
  • Having all menu items on sale.
  • Monitor all costs associated with operating the store keeping within the parameters given.
  • Ensure that the assets and infrastructure of the Store are intact, in good working condition, safe, not subjected to abuse or tampered with, always kept in a sanitary condition.
  • Ensure the store is properly secured at all times taking appropriate measures in times of suspicion.
  • Forward all matters relating to equipment failure or mishap, menu boards, electrical, plumbing, renovations, and signage to the Maintenance Dept.
  • Ensure that the Store is fully equipped to function efficiently.
  • Order supplies to facilitate sales and office work.
  • Control inventory levels and take measures to prevent wastage.
  • Have updated records and submit reports in a timely manner.
  • Account for losses or spoilage of products.
  • Handle the monies at a Store and ensure that it is secured and accounted for as well as maintain adequate amounts of Petty Cash.
  • Coordinating the collection and deposit of sales in accordance with the Company’s policy. Sales must be picked up by the appropriate security firm daily and should include all daylight, night sales up to one hour before closing. Delivery Sales, as a percentage and dollar value of total sales, for the Delivery Coordinator or any person assigned.
  • Handle customer complaints when and if immediately necessary, and then report complaints to the District Manager.
  • Ensure that all promotional material are prominently displayed and all efforts are made in support of any promotions undertaken by the Company and ensure that the staff are fully knowledgeable of their details.
  • Improve sales, customer relations, and product and service quality.


As it relates to staff, the incumbent must:

  • Ensure that all staff is thoroughly trained to perform their assigned duties.
  • Maintain a high level of employee appearance, ensuring adherence to uniform standards.
  • Ensure that behaviour of staff is respectable and disciplined and that staff is punctual and regular.
  • Ensure that your staff meet and greet your customers according to companies training.
  • Take action when staff deviates from appropriate standards and behaviour on shift.
  • Assist with the accurate and timely submission of documentation pertaining to personnel.
  • Use his/her initiative to motivate staff.

Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to learn quickly
  • Motivated and enthusiastic learner.
  • A "common sense" and "can do" approach to tasks, good analytical decision making and problem solving skills and a strong commitment to quality.
  • Ability in leading and motivating a team to achieve target goals or the ability to obtain that knowledge
  • High-level organisational and planning skills in a high-pressure stressful environment.
  • Must be able to work the time required to ensure he efficient, profitable and a well-managed store.
  • High-level communication skills in interacting with staff and customers.
  • High level customer service skills
  • Positive outlook and disposition
  • High level of vigilance and urgency in monitoring operations
  • Sound numeric skills
  • Ability to work according to standards and following procedural guidelines.
  • Emotional Intelligence - maturity, self-assurance and calmness under pressure
  • A team player

Knowledge of procedures and policies:

The incumbent must have a thorough knowledge of all the restaurant industry, especially regarding customer service, safety and equipment. The Manager must understand and keep up with the information in Company’s Manuals and updates.

The Manager is responsible for ensuring that:

  1. Staff is positioned correctly and their stations are stocked.
  2. Clear directions are given to staff and ensuring that relevant notes are in the logbook.
  3. Quality products are being made to specification.
  4. Orders are made and assembled to meet (or better) our speed of service (SOS) parameters.
  5. The Restaurant and surroundings are kept in a clean and sanitary condition.
  6. The efficient training of staff and monitoring and reviewing staffing requirements on an ongoing basis. He/she is responsible for staff morale, motivation and all discipline within the outlet during the shift.
  7. He/She is responsible for ensuring the completion of time sheets, monthly staff registers, sign-in sheets, sick leave certificates, disciplinary notices and vacation forms.
  8. Petty cash is managed in accordance with the company’s policies and procedures.
  9. Delivery operations in terms of timely orders and delivery times in accordance with the company’s policies and procedures.
  10. Staff adheres to RCL dress code policies.
  11. The outlet consistently serves quality products according to company’s standards with fast, courteous service in clean, pleasant surroundings whilst running a profitable shift.
  12. Regular product quality and temperature checks are done every hour.
  13. Draw Audits and staff arrival and departure do not interrupt customer service and quality.
  14. Continual patrol of the customer contact zones, getting feedback on service and quality.
  15. They meet with relevant staff on a weekly basis to ensure that the duties on the chart have been satisfactorily completed.
  16. Waste and shortages are kept to a minimum and recorded.
  17. Chicken and cash audits are done on a regular basis and at various times.
  18. Chicken and cash audits must be done at change of shift.
  19. Chicken and cash shortage must be dealt with in accordance with company’s policy.
  20. Products are prepared in accordance with the established company’s policies and procedures. The Manager should also ensure that all menu items are available during opening hours.
  21. Cash is kept safely and deposits of sales are in accordance with the company’s policies and procedures. Sales are picked up by the security company approved by Royal Castle Limited, at least daily and should include all sales for the day and night, up to one hour before closing.
  22. The Outlet, both the interior and the exterior, is kept clean. The interior includes the dining room, restrooms, garbage bins, walls, seating, floors, condiment stand and windows. Also, for the kitchen area, the floors, counters, all equipment, walls, office area, staff restrooms, stock- room and prep area. For the exterior: outside windows, doors, walls, awnings, directional signage, drive-thru board, parking lot and garbage and surrounding areas.
  23. The opening and closing of the outlet is based on the Outlet’s hours of operation.
  24. Sales target is achieved or exceeded.
  25. The stock and equipment at the outlet is replenished as and when required.
  26. The safe keeping of cash stocks, equipment, maintaining up to date accurate records in the Stock Order book.
  27. Submitting Stock Control Sheets and Cashier’s Reports, bank deposits receipts, chicken reports, cash reports, daily inventory according to companies policies.
  28. Preventative Maintenance of equipment at the Outlet is in place.
  29. Maintenance Reports are completed accurately before submitting to Head Office.



  • Any other related duties as may be required for the efficient functioning of the outlet.

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