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Company: Eastman and Associates Limited

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Job Ref.: 320/JT/EAL

Job Title: Technician

Salary / Package: $4,000 to $5,500 + $1,700 travel



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

Service Calls
1. Service calls are to be printed and assigned a miracle service number and logged when the information is received from customer
2. When a customer calls the service Department the coordinator in a friendly and courteous manner ask for customer’s name, address, and a phone number, the model, location, serial number of the machine and nature of the problem.
3. Ask the client what the issue is to get a better understanding. Asking questions such as… intermittent…. continuously…recently… is beneficial to assist in the troubleshooting process.
4. Print out an internal “Maintenance Report\Event Log” to assess valuable machine information such as Jam/Failure logs, counters, Firmware level etc.
5. Use your copy of the relevant troubleshooting guide or manual when necessary.
6. Once problem has been rectified, give machine a general internal cleaning and the exterior of equipment Take note as well of any parts that may need replacing.
7. Log all findings in your technician’s Report Book taking care to fill all required items.
8. If necessary, a Field Verification Report form must be filled out as well taking care to indicate with a tick on the side of the machine that it was done.
9. If the location or job site of the customer requires full P.P.E attire technician is to comply and have it at their disposal at all time.
10. Once all imperative information is taken from the customer the service calls are given to the service manager or Senior Technician to distribute to each technician as a Task.
11. The first task is to diagnose the machine and recommend parts to change.
12. The second task is to revisit the customer with the parts to install in the machine.
13. The service calls that are given to the technicians each morning is to be attached to the technician’s report that is signed by the customer.
14. The technician then has to log how many calls assigned and completed in a technician submission report.
Replacement of parts
1. When a part is replaced it is imperative to reset applicable parts counters on machine.
2. If the part replaced is under warranty the following information must be attached along  with the Technician Report: a) Maintenance Report (nine pages) b) Event Log(one page) c) Status Page(one Page) d) Service Status Page(two pages) e) Network Status Page(three pages)
3. New and old serial numbers of parts must be noted as well when applicable.
Pre Installation of Machines
1. List of machines from service manager detailing model and configuration.
2. Complete testing of machine according to guidelines
3. Dispose of all packaging material according to guidelines
Parts Removal In the event parts are not available it becomes necessary to use parts from a stock (new machine) until part is ordered.
1. After the part is identified and taken out the serial no. of the part (if any) and the serial no. of the machine must be noted.
2. This information is filled out in the Parts Removal Form available from the Technical Coordinator along with customer name, part name part no. etc….
3. When the part has arrived it is important that it is returned to the machine as soon as possible and all necessary paper work (Requisition Form and completing the Parts Removal Form.)is filled out.
      Submission of all forms
      On returning from service calls all forms should be submitted and logged.
1. The technician’s report should be attached to the service call given the previous day and logged by a number
2. Maintenance reports from parts that were changed under warranty are to be attached with a copy of the technician’s report.
3. A copy of the Invoice(s) that were given by the accounts clerk when assigned parts should be signed by the customer and attached to a copy of the technicians report

Qualifications required:

Qualifications / Skills:    Technician must have a minimum of three (3) years experience servicing copiers / printers / MFPs.  Basic knowledge in network printing and scanning an asset.  Possession of a valid driver’s license.  Good communication skills.  Applicants are required to have a good working vehicle

This vacancy is closed.

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