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Company: EUROPA (Trinidad & Tobago) Limited

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Job Ref.:

Job Title: Cleaning Manager



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:


Job Title: Cleaning Manager

Department: Cleaning

Reporting to: Account Manager

Location: Trinidad



To be accountable to the Facilities Manager for the management and delivery of the cleaning, pest control and waste management services, including the daily supervision of the services and staff process; also to support the training and development of staff.



This role will include a variety of tasks including the following:

-       To ensure exemplary standards of customer and operational service are provided to the client and visitors to the sites at all times.

-       To provide support with team building and staff morale will be a priority of the jobholder, coupled with fostering good relationships with the retailer customers.

-       To positively contribute to the performance and development of the cleaning, pest and waste services.

-       To manage the cleaning, pest and waste operations of the contract and actively support the service team.

-       To control the delivery of the staff rotas and assisting with correct manning levels are maintained at all times, including shift cover for sick and holiday absence.

-       To control staff holiday bookings, ensuring the cleaning services are maintained at all times.

-       To lead the performance development and motivation of the team.

-       To support the maintenance of standards of discipline and welfare amongst the team members in accordance with the company policies and values

-       To report to the Account Manager any event that may be detrimental to the fulfillment of the provision of the service teams on site.

-       To ensure the necessary internal site inspections are completed with agreed time-scales and if required, provide a detailed action plan and supervise all non-compliance.

-       To understand client requirements of the service and provide solutions to meet their needs and contribute to achieving service customer objectives.

-       To conduct induction training, developing and retraining of staff.

-       To ensure all staff are presentable in the company uniforms, their personal appearance and personal hygiene are to the highest standards possible. 

-       To supervise the monitoring and improvement needs of customer satisfaction for the housekeeping team’s delivery.

-       To ensure a timely response to all operational issues and events. 

-       To ensure all cleaning, pest and waste schedules is completed within the service time-scales.

-       To ensure all cleaning equipment, powered machinery, chemicals and storage rooms are maintained safely and are safe for use; and all required staff and are trained in their use.  

-       To ensure that staff adopt a proactive approach to the cleaning service and job responsibilities with a flexible and positive attitude.

-       To deliver good communications and motivation with colleagues / site supervisors, staff and line management.

-       To have the ability to conduct quality audits and site inspections and ensure that the contract achieves company standards and client needs.


Qualifications and Experience  


-       Successful track record of cleaning, pest and waste services.

-       Experiences in managing teams.

-       Ability to inspire respect and confidence.

-       Proven ability to inspire respect and confidence.

-       Good organisational skills and attention to detail. 

-       Strong customer care skills.

-       Smart, clean appearance.

-       Committed to quality.

-       Machinery experience.

-       Competent in taking responsibility and accountability for the basic training, motivation, discipline, safety and welfare of team members.


-       Cleaning services/ supervision NVQ.



-       Demonstrates initiative and innovation at work.

-       Exemplary standards of customer service.

-       High level of cleaning standards.

-       Delegation and management skills.

-       Very proactive, motivational and flexible approach.

-       Aptitude to remain calm under pressure.

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