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Company: Eastman and Associates Limited

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Job Ref.: 322/PAC/EAL

Job Title: Planning and Control

Salary / Package: $11,000.00



Job Type: Temporary / Contract

Job description:

Procurement and Contracts
Setting up of service contracts - assisting end users with determining scope of required services based on previously established contracts 
Launching of RFQs and all related clarifications and liaisons until contracts are signed. (Contract holder, Bidders, Risk Department in Madrid to confirm insurance coverage amounts)
Ensuring adherence General Terms and Conditions
Ensuring adherence  Procurement Norms by end users 
Conducting RFQs and commercial market analysis and subsequently procuring of goods and materials via one-off Purchase Orders
Conducting site visits by vendors in order to facilitate preparation of commercial and technical proposals 
Opening of bids submitted by vendors
Preparation of manual justification forms for all awards, obtaining approvals from 2 signatories accoprding to appropriate approval limits
Generation, seeking approval of and issuing of manual Service/Purchase Orders to suppliers
Follow-up and co-ordinating of delivery of goods/execution of services
Monitoring of contract consumption and usage 
Cost Control
Generation, seeking approval of and issuing of orders and co-ordinating invoicing
Verifying bugetary allocations for purchases and services tie back to annual budget
Generation, seeking approval of and issuing of Acceptance Reports to vendors to facilitate invoicing
Follow-up on submitting of final invoices by vendors
Receiving and verification of invoices submitted by Vendors on Mondays and Wednesdays
Tracking of billings and follow-up with vendors in order to optimize invoicing process
Preparation of monthly manual accruals and requesting Planning and Control approval
Ensuring termination of services by vendors for outgoing expats/employees (vehicle leases, mobile phone accounts, security patrol/monitoring services at residences
Preparation of Payment Proposals and seeking approval of incoming Intercompany invoices Services and REAS)
Office/Employee Administration
Fielding incoming phone calls to the company's main line (No PBX system is in place)
Receiving vendors who may deliver packages or documents to the office
Receiving and hosting of external personnel attending meetings  (as required)
Fielding queries from staff on building/general services related queries
Ensuring replenishment of stock of stationery, bathroom consumables 
Ensuring IT procurement requests are met 
Coordinating with IT vendors for service requests by IT support 
Escalation of service queries or issues to providers to ensure continuity of service
Assisting office co-ordinator with setting up of  and administration of agreements for group Health and Life Insurance premiums (via Insurance brokers)
Assisting office co-ordinator with adherence to weekly cleaning and maintenance schedule of leased vehicles
Assisting office co-ordinator with preparation for internal meetings or workshops (catering, hotel bookings, stationery purchases etc)
Assisting with ensuring smooth transition between office locations - procurement and setting up of necessary contracts
Assisting office co-ordinator with liaising with landlord/building management for resolution of issues with common areas, infrastructure or systems managed directly by said parties
Assisting with making bookings for team lunches/farewell events for outgoing staff
HSE/External Relations/Partner relations/Legal Services
Ensuring adherence to annual training plan/matrix
Health - Setting up and assisting with administration of contracts/agreements for annual medicals and health surveillance
Safety - Assisting with procurement of safety related materials in order to maintain OSH compliance (fire extinguishers, floor warden equipment, muster signs, safety induction video etc).
Safety - Assisting with conducting of JSAs and toolbox talks for any ongoing works being co-ordinated on behalf or premises
Environment - Setting up and assisting with administration of contract/agreement for waste management and recycling services
External relations - preparation of paperwork and bookings for sponsorship of all conferences, workshops and meetings and setting up of subscriptions and memberships with external bodies
Ensuring that billings from Legal Service providers are in adherence to established engagement letters
Supporting Finance / Accounts Payables / Vendor Relations
Fielding vendor queries (phone calls and e-mails) regarding status of invoices, as well as expected payment dates
Ensuring all new vendors are registered in SAP Sociery 1561 - issuing standard Vendor Registration e-mail to suppliers and sending request to Accounting for creation of vendor in SAP
Confirming banking details provided by vendors in the case of returned funds
Ensuring appropriate payment terms are applied to vendor billings
Planning and Control
Assisting with preparation and collation of PA and UPA formats
Providing justifications to Planning & Control regarding Corporate costs or any other queries from regional offices
Supporting Planning & Control with contract data required for definition of RISE and WAVE Initiatives
Guyana support
Monthly closing of SAP MM for the E562 society
Assisting with and redirection of vendor queries to appropriate parties within RAL or Repsol Exploracion Guyana
Assisting with Procurement and Cost Control functions for services that Repsol Angostura Limited has existing contracts or arrangements for (IT  Support, Vehicle Leases, Life & Health Insurance Premiums, Travel Services, Taxi Services etc.)
Preparation of memo and collation of supporting documents to facilitate Intercompany re-billing of technical services and reimbursement of employee benefits

This vacancy is closed.

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