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Company: Employers Solution Centre Limited

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Job Ref.: HRO2017027

Job Title: General Manager



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

The General Area Managers plans, direct and coordinate the operations of the stores. The general area manager is responsible for ensuring performance and improving productivity, efficiency and profitability of all stores through the provision of effective methods and strategies.




  1. Ensure that all customer service initiatives are in place to meet and exceed customer expectations, to deal with issues quickly and courteously in order to achieve desired increase in customer service standards and maintenance of the standards.
  2. Develop and execute strategies to maximize sales and profitability of stores, including driving team performance and making recommendations for improvements to achieve sustainable targets.
  3. Work with Store Supervisors to assist in achieving sales targets, review sales and activity reports, and other performance data to measure productivity and goal achievement.
  4. Ensure stores locations have a full understanding of and are executing marketing promotions, sales promotions, coordinating with other department heads as required.
  5. Oversee the inventory system to ensure accuracy and effectiveness and monitor stock control to ensure damages are minimized and recorded according to company guidelines.
  6. Perform stock audits every two (2) months and ensure daily audits for product management. 
  7. Direct and coordinate activities of businesses or departments concerned with the production, pricing, sales, and/or distribution of products.
  8. Prepare and compile reports of on-going projects to submit to Chief Executive Officer and hold monthly meetings with for planning and vision translation.
  9. Review existing store policies and establish new store policies, goals, objectives, and procedures, conferring with organization officials for approval.
  10. Oversee activities directly related to providing services for the stores, by liaising with and monitoring businesses and agencies to ensure that they efficiently and effectively provide needed services. (eg. Press play, flow –internet and telephone, lynx machines, store openings, store maintenance, new services, regular delivery of supplies etc) and provide updates to the relevant party/s.
  11. Schedule Physical visits to each store weekly and upon priority and schedule monthly meetings with Supervisors and team members and present signed minutes of these meetings.
  12. Use a combination of periodic spot checks, physical store visits, report analysis and meetings to monitor supervisors’ performance against performance expectation and policies.
  13. Utilize information from monitoring exercise and reviews to recommend individuals for promotion, rewards or corrective action.
  14. Meet with Store Managers in an effort to identify areas of deficiency and delinquency, coaching and create a performance improvement plan or initiate training session in accordance with HR to help improve determined deficiencies.
  15. Devise in accordance with HR an annual plan for training on agreed upon areas including – sales, customer service, merchandising, professionalism, team work etc,
  16. Perform timely periodical appraisals for Store Manager and ensure that other staff members are appraised by Supervisors in a timely fashion.
  17. Deliver the required discipline to employees in timely manner and in accordance with policy and procedures while communicating with HR for further guidance or decisions.
  18. Ensure that Store Supervisors and team members enforce and upholds policies and procedure and disciplinary procedure of the organization. Eg. Punctuality and Absence, Staff Discounts etc.
  19. Intercept and evaluate conflict at primary stage for resolution and communicate with HR for further guidance or decisions.
  20. Keep up to date a physical filing system of office filing and communicating systems in accordance with your duties.
  21. Prepare, create, or collate templates for company or external documentation in accordance with your duties.
  22. Support the development and maintenance of a team environment by performing other related duties.

Qualifications required:


Ø  B.Sc. in Management or equivalent

Ø  A minimum of 4-5 years supervisory experience in the retail industry or similar multi-location environment.

Ø  Excellent Leadership qualities, Communication, Reporting, Analytical, Organizational, Time Management and Multitasking skills required.

Ø  Experience in effective conflict resolution and change management.

Ø  Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.



Ø  Must have a valid driver’s permit and access to a working vehicle on a daily basis.

Ø  Must be able to work weekends, mall hours, public holidays and extended hours.


Paid Vacation

Paid Sick Leave

25% Staff Discount

Health and Life Insurance

Rewards for punctuality and Attendance

Rewards for attainment of Sales Targets


Please forward all application to the following email address:

This vacancy is closed.

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