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Company: Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (UDECOTT)

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Job Ref.:

Job Title: Security Supervisor



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

Security Supervisor

The Security Supervisor is required to provide direct support to the Security Manager in the coordination and management of various aspects of the Security Department.

The Security Supervisor is required to provide direct support to the Security Manager in the coordination and management of various aspects of the Security Department.

The incumbent is expected to review existing security operational arrangements and to submit recommendations to improve the quality of security services provided to the Corporation.

Education, Knowledge and Experience


  • Associate Degree or Diploma in Security Management or related field from an accredited academic institution
  • Certificate in OSH
  • Knowledge of laws and regulations relative to the security of persons and property
  • Knowledge of Court Procedures
  • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office Tools and software relevant to job functions
  • Knowledge of the various physical and electronic security countermeasures and their applications
  • Experience in conducting independent investigations and generating reports
  • Minimum of five (5) years’ working experience performing in a supervisory security role in a recognized security establishment or in a large, diverse organization


Equivalent combination of Qualification, Training and Experience


Key Duties & Responsibilities


  • Assists in the planning, organizing and directing of security programmes to ensure the delivery of high quality security services to the Corporation and its customers
  • Represents the Security Manager in security related matters related to his/her specific area of operation as directed
  • Represents the Corporation in security related  Court matters as directed
  • Assists in identifying the resources required to ensure an efficient and effective level of security services to the Corporation
  • Assists in the design, supervision and review of the installation of anti-intrusion detection systems and equipment in the Corporation
  • Assists in the planning and execution of emergency evacuation procedures for the Corporation
  • Ensures that proper records are kept of all emergency evacuation procedures and implementation plans
  • Manages the day to day security operations in assigned area(s)
  • Ensures that high levels of discipline, appearance and on the job conduct are implemented and sustained amongst all Security Personnel within the assigned area
  • Conducts routine inspections at all the Corporation’s locations and prepares reports with recommendations as required
  • Undertakes investigations in a professional and impartial manner and generates reports as required
  • Conducts performance evaluation(s) on security service providers and submits reports with recommendations as necessary
  • Certifies work done by security service providers and verifies same for payment
  • Assists in the development of standard operating policies, procedures and guidelines relative to the security of persons and property as necessary
  • Assists in the training and orientation of new/existing employees relative to security matters
  • Conducts research to keep abreast of security related best practices for consideration and implementation of modern security practices and procedures
  • Ensures that the records management function of the Security Department is in alignment with the approved Corporation’s policies and procedures


  • Prepares and/or presents technical/progress reports as required
  • Performs any other duties related to the job function as may be assigned

Dimensions and Scope of Role

  • Operates  in accordance internal policies and procedures
  • Operates in accordance with approved limits of authority.
  • Operates in accordance with laws and regulations governing security as well as OSH

Key Behavioral Capabilities

Personal Attributes: Uses initiative and demonstrates a positive work attitude, self-confidence and high level of energy; is well motivated to perform with minimum supervision. Accepts change positively, and adjusts to the demands of the job; Reports to work punctually and regularly; Displays honesty, and credibility in work situations.


 Problem Solving:  Is able to analyze complex data or situations,  prioritize key issues; creates insightful solutions to problems and ensures their proper execution


Team Player: Works well as a contributing member of a customer focused team; performs role assigned in the interest of the team’s success.


Communication: Contributes to discussions; and completes documents in a logical and organized manner; Communicate at all levels as required by job functions

Business Awareness:  Understands the wider business environment in the context of delivering short-term value; Ability to deliver results which add value to the department and to the business. 

Customer Focus:

 Has a strong  understanding of the service requirements and the contribution  to the success of the business;   Demonstrates a willingness to assist with customer needs


Key Performance Indicators   

  • Security risks are kept at minimum at all Corporation’s location
  • Positive feedback from Internal and External Customers
  • Emergency Evacuation Procedures are documented and communicated to internal and external stakeholders
  • Investigations completed professionally, impartially and in a timely manner
  • Departmental records / electronic databases are developed and maintained as required   

The Office holder will be recruited on a contractual basis and unsuitable applications will not be acknowledged by the Corporation. Kindly submit copies of relevant academic qualifications inclusive of Cover letters and CV's. Please note that ONLY academic qualifications from accredited instituitions will be accepted.

All applications must be submitted by 4.00pm on February 09, 2018. Hard copy applications should be submitted to:

Senior Manager, Human Resources, Level I, UDeCOTT Head Office  

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