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Job Ref.: CEDI-IC

Job Title: Inventory Controller



Town / City: San Fernando

Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

 Daily Stock Counts and Inventory Reconciliation

Stock Counts are to be conducted at the Stores, Head Office and for the Repairs Spare Parts.

  • Daily visits to the stores to conduct a physical check and an Aria Reconciliation of the company’s stock of:
  • mobile phones, sim cards, accessories and other items sold daily
  • At the store an available inventory report is exported from Overture and formatted into a standardized spreadsheet used for conducting stock counts.
  • For the phones and sim cards, the IMEI and ICCID’s of the physical stock are scanned into the spreadsheet and matched to that of the theoretical stock recorded on Aria.
  • The quantities of the accessories and other items are matched to the quantities recorded on Aria.
  • An investigation of all variances for stock overages and shortages are done at the store with the Store Supervisor.
  • Before leaving the store, the variance sheet is printed and signed by the Inventory Controller and the Store Supervisor.
  • The entire report is emailed to the Junior Accountant, Operations Manager, Operations Team Leader and the General Manager.
  • The following day the signed variance sheet is submitted to the Junior Accountant for review.
  • The report is then presented to the General Manager with explanations and recommendations of all the variances.
  • After review by the General Manager, the Store Supervisor is given 2 days the double check and find the missing stock or confirm the shortage / overages identified at the stock count.
  • All shortages should be cashed out of the system and converted to cash shortages.
  • Overages once confirmed must be added back to the system by the Operations Manager.
  • Shortages must be recovered, either by the employees depositing the cash or via promissory notes.
  • These promissory noted must be done within 1 day and sent to the employees for signature.
  • The signed and approved promissory must be submitted to payroll for deduction.

Qualifications required:

Person Specifications:

Minimum Acceptable Academic/Technical/Professional Qualifications

  • Five G.C.E./ C.X.C. O’ Level subjects including Mathematics and Principles of Accounts.

Minimum number of years of Relevant Experience

At least two (2) years in an accounting environment performing data entry functions:

Specific Skills/ Experience and/or Knowledge

  • Computer Literacy (Excel, Access)
  • The ability to work as a team member
  • The ability to work with minimum supervision

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