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Company: Trinity Junior School

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Job Ref.:

Job Title: Bursar (Accounts)



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

Job Specifications of the Bursar


The Bursar is responsible for All FINANCIAL matters relating to Trinity Junior School, which

will include :  –

  1. The collection of all receipts for school fees and reconciliation of same.
  2. Keep an account of all school fees up-to-date and notifies delinquent parents outstanding fees are collected.
  3. Depositing of any monies collected from fund raisers at the designated bank.
  4. The collection of any money in the name of Trinity Junior School including sale of small items
  5. Keeping of accounting system as established by the Governing Body of Trinity Junior School.
  6. Preparation of monthly quarterly and annual reports regarding finances of the school.
  7. Preparation of monthly pay sheets and the payment of salaries.
  8. Preparation of relevant monthly salary deductions e.g. N.I.S., P.A.Y.E, Health Surcharge, Annuity and Group Health, to relevant authorities and preparation of TD 4 forms.
  9. Assist with registration of new students and attendant records.
  10. Purchasing and disbursement of school stock e.g. exercise books, cleaning materials etc.
  11. Maintenance of petty cash account.
  12. Payment of Telephone, Electricity, WASA, Internet, Cable, Monitoring and Response of Alarm System and/or any debts incurred in the name of Trinity Junior School.
  13. Performs related work as required.
  14. Review of monthly bank reconciliation and ensure timely adjustments are made or collected.
  15. Non - teaching staff members employed on a temporary or permanent basis shall observe the same standards of behaviour as that demanded of teachers in the school.


  • At least 2 years’ experience in a similar capacity
  • CAT or Pursuing ACCA level 1
  • Experience in a School Accounting Background will be an asset.

This vacancy is closed.

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