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Company: National Canners Limited

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Job Ref.: Job

Job Title: Sales Manager

Salary / Package: negotiable



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:



OBJECTIVE OF POSITION: To effectively manage the Division to ensure that the required sales levels and sales margins are achieved on a monthly basis, through the application of the necessary selling and personnel skills, and time and effort commitment.


  • To ensure that the range of products in the division is competitively positioned in the market, in terms of pricing, and promotions, and that the widest possible distribution is achieved.
  • To effectively manage the Sales Representatives in the division to ensure that they perform to the best of their abilities.
  • To ensure effective planning and time management, and to review daily performance.
  • To provide the necessary training, where this is required.
  • To service key customer accounts directly so that the company can maximize its sales potential.
  • To visit other customers in the trade on a regular basis to assist the Sales Representative to develop good customer relationships, resolve problem areas, and to increase sales.
  • To review the actual product sales performance of the locally produced items against the projected sales on a monthly basis, and to propose action accordingly.
  • To review the company's' receivables regularly, to ensure that collections are made on a timely basis, and kept within the guidelines set down.
  • To visit the Tobago customers on a monthly basis to secure sales relative to the monthly quota established.
  • To ensure that collections in Tobago are timely and in keeping with the credit policy.
  • To be abreast of trends in the market, and to be informed of competitive activities on an ongoing basis,
  • To liaise with the Merchandising Department to ensure timely problem solving, aggressive merchandising, and timely market information.
  • To liase with the Credit Department, to ensure that overdue receivables and related credit problems are dealt with on a timely basis.
  • To ensure that damages and product returns are kept to a minimum, and that the company's policy is effectively enforced.
  • To review promotional activities on a monthly basis, to make appropriate recommendations, and to directly supervise the implementation of the promotional activities.
  • To review the results of these promotions, to determine if the initial objectives were met.
  • To ensure that all customer complaints are handled competently and promptly.


EDUCATION: A university degree in Management Studies or a related field Or 5 subjects at GCE/CXC level with the appropriate related experience. EXPERlENCE: With a degree, at least two years related experience. Without a degree, 5 years in a Similar Managerial position, or 10 years in a supervisory position. OTHER. Ownership of a private vehicle in good working condition. Computer literate.

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