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Job Ref.: Food & Beverage

Job Title: Heavy T Driver



Town / City: Barataria

Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:


This position is geared towards delivery of Food Items to Supermarkets, Restaurants and Small shops throughout Trinidad and Tobago. This is an entry level position which requires physical fitness and endurance. Essential duties include loading of trucks and vans before delivery; performing basic maintenance checks on vehicles to ensure that vehicles are in safe driving condition; and reporting any issues to Management. The driver is also responsible for the safety of the goods in the truck during delivery; and is accountable for all yellow copies of invoices. They must ensure that trucks are washed and cleaned as needed. Drivers must adhere to the company’s policies and procedures and obey all driving/traffic regulations; and must report any issues that arise promptly to Management.


This position reports to the Warehouse Manager(s) directly.



  1. Loading of trucks prior to delivery.
  1. Driving in a safe and courteous manner, so as not to cause harm or injury to self, others, or property and ensuring that Timesheets are completed after each stop to account for time spent at each location and returning the Timesheet to the Warehouse after deliveries for the day are completed.
  1. Delivery of goods to customers and ensuring that goods given are in excellent condition and not damaged or defaced in any way.
  1. You will be required to conduct two (2) or more trips as deemed necessary by Management.
  1. Accounting for Yellow Copies received from customers after the delivery is completed and ensuring that they are returned to the Warehouse and given to a Supervisor to check off. All returned goods should be accounted for in the presence of the Receiving Supervisor.
  1. Performing checks and refueling delivery vehicle and washing and maintaining the cleanliness of said vehicle.

The Driver will perform other duties as assigned by the Warehouse Manager that may be deemed necessary for the effective functioning of the Department. Such duties may include, but are not limited to:-

  1. Offloading of Containers.
  2. Minor tasks related to assisting with moving pallets or moving vehicles from the driveways and aisles as necessary.
  1. Completion of Secondary School
  2. Ability to read and write and understand instructions
  1. 3 (Three) Ordinary Level Passes
  2. Fit physical condition
  3. Pleasant Disposition and well mannered
  4. Ability to communicate well
  5. Team Player
  6. Previous Experience in Warehousing/Delivery Environment
1.    2-3 years’ experience in Warehousing and Delivery
2.    Ability to multitask well
3.    Comprehensive knowledge of the geography of Trinidad and Tobago


  1. Heavy-T/Light-T Driving Permit
  2. Defensive Driving Certificate
  3. Certificate of Character
  4. Forklift License (If applicable)

This vacancy is closed.

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