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Company: Branford General Contracting Services Company Limited

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Job Title: Technical Manager



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:





Technical Manager






Managing Director







The Technical Manager exerts overall control over the technical functions of Branford General Contractors.  They are responsible for developing people, technology and approaches that add value to our customers. The highest-ranking manager in the organisation, they are responsible to the Managing Director and stakeholders for the overall success of the business.

The holder of this position must be a technical and business leader able to use the resources of the company to achieve consistent project success, operational efficiency and product deployment. All products and services must be delivered in keeping with Branford General Contractors guiding principles. The incumbent must be highly quality and safety focussed with the ability to drive a culture of customer focus and safety throughout the entire organisation.

The incumbent is expected to have a command of the skills, products and services offered by Branford General Contractors and take a leadership role in finding new business and fulfilling existing business.

The incumbent must be adept at building winning teams and steering them towards individual and group success. The goal is to ensure the company is consistently winning at its activities.



Ethics, Values & Corporate Governance

1.     Upholds the philosophy, values of Branford General Contractors, and communicates them to all members of the team.

2.     Manages all projects within the codes of ethics that govern professional conduct and our industry.

3.     Drive compliance with the applicable duties, standards and laws that govern professional conduct and our industry.

4.     Hold everyone who does work for Branford General Contractors accountable for executing work in keeping with the values, philosophy and ethical framework that governs this company, especially sub-contractors and tradesmen.

5.     Assures that all teams at every level within the organisation utilise the meeting time allocated for planning, review and consultation as required and that all such activities are properly constructed, executed and monitored.

Planning, Organizing and Executing Activities.

1.     Initiates projects and activities in keeping with the VMOST and guiding principles of the company.

2.     Oversees the planning, organization and execution of all company activities through its technical and other resources.

3.     Requires that all HSE activities that promote the success of goals and targets for HSE be adhered to on all sites.

4.     Requires that all quality activities that promote the success of goals and targets for service and product quality be adhered to on all sites.

5.     Creates systems, blocks times and creates a culture conducive to communicating all goals, objectives and targets to those responsible for executing them.

6.     Takes a leadership role in the scheduling and development of technical information that goes into tenders and proposals and assuring its quality. All outgoing proposals to be reviewed and approved by the Technical Manager before dispatch.

7.     Holds Managers and Supervisors accountable for the delivery of service and products in keeping with the ethics and values of Branford General Contractors.

8.     Carries out site visits, client meetings and other activities on the company’s behalf.

9.     Caries out all related duties and services that enable the company to set and achieve objectives.

Financial Leadership

1.     Takes an active leadership role (inclusive of costing jobs) in the development of costing of proposals and tenders and assuring their quality. All cost proposals to be reviewed and approved by the technical manager before dispatch.

2.     Creates and monitors budgets for all projects and schedule of work.

3.     Exercises tight financial control of all project and maintenance program, ensuring that all work is executed within and/or below budget.

4.     Retains all financial evidence from projects and remits them to the relevant finance personnel on a daily basis.

5.     Create lucid financial reports when scheduled, required or requested.

6.     Assures that all project payroll information, quotations, bills and accounts payable are submitted to finance personnel when required.

7.     Assures that regular independent audits of the finance department are conducted.

Team Leadership

1.    Assure that roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and communicated to team members

2.    Create spaces and time for the team to coordinate activities and solve problems.

3.    Provide resources for the execution of approved activities.

4.    Takes a leadership role in defining and developing developmental, technical, management and administrative processes.

5.    Foster a culture of accountability conflict transformation and collaboration

6.    Leads in the creation of a culture of coaching, mentorship, cross training and positive reinforcement.

7.    Implement and uphold our reward/recognition/disciplinary system.

Technical Leadership

1.    Takes an active leadership role (inclusive of planning jobs) in the development of technical proposals and tenders and assuring their quality. All technical proposals to be reviewed and approved by the technical manager before dispatch.

2.    Develop and manage a suite of products and services that customers need or want and ensure that the competencies that support delivery exist within the organisation and are consistently solving the problems of the customer.

3.    Develop the capability and resources to support the sustained deployment of the customer solution over the short medium and long term.

4.    Operate and maintain feedback mechanisms that assure that existing customers’ needs are being met and new customers continue to be able to find relevant products and services in our catalogue.

5.    Keep the entire team abreast of their role in delivering relevant products and services.

Entrepreneurship & Success 

1.    Allocate time resources and expertise into gathering market intelligence and doing research.

2.    Implement strategies that tell the Branford story, engage with our publics and create new linkages with potential clients.

3.    Support a culture of ambassadorship at the company. Employees, contractors and other stake holders are encouraged to tell the Branford story to everyone they meet and explain how the company can add value.

4.    Make direct interventions at client organisations. Conceptualise and monetize solutions to customer problems.

Safety Leadership

1.    Takes leadership role in implementing the HSE Policies of the company.

2.    Manages the allocation of resources to executing all work safely at the project and operational level.

3.    Monitors the status of corrective action and ensures that human and other resources are mobilised to prevent accidents.

4.    Holds everyone who does work for the company accountable for safe work.


Education & Certification:

●      An advanced technical diploma from a recognized institution with extensive experience in construction, project management, facilities management & operations management.

●      Formal project management training inclusive of competence in MS Project.

●      Formal training in quality assurance and quality control.  

●      Demonstrated competence in the principals involved in facilities management, operations management, resource allocation, leadership techniques and coordination of people and resources


●      A minimum of five (5) years’ experience in a senior technical role with demonstrated expertise in:

o   Entrepreneurial activity

o   Organizational leadership

o   Technical leadership

o   Project management


Attitude & Behavioral


●      Strong leadership and people management skills

●      Strong entrepreneurial skills

●      Good empathetic, teambuilding, judgment and decision making instincts

●      Complex problem solving

●      Creative Thinking

●      Attention to detail

●      Ability to read drawings, estimate quantities, take measurements etc.

The intent of this job description is to provide a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities performed by incumbent. The incumbent may be requested to perform job-related tasks other than those specifically documented herein. This JD may be re-worded from time to time to reflect such applicable duties.


Starting Salary- $12,000.00

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