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Company: Branford General Contracting Services Company Limited

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Job Ref.:

Job Title: Human Resources Officer

Salary / Package: $7,500/mth



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:




Human Resources Officer


Head Office


Human Resources


Managing Director







The Human Resource Officer is responsible for planning and coordinating the HR functions of the organization. They plan and execute the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of new staff; consult with top executives on strategic planning and serve as a link between an organization’s management and its employees.

The holder of this position must be an analyst, leader and a highly competent organiser. They must operate under a superior code of ethics and personal responsibility. They work through and with people to propel the company towards it objectives. The incumbent must be highly safety focussed with the ability to drive a culture of safety throughout the entire organisation.

The incumbent is expected to have a command of good human resources practices, organisational behaviour, industrial relations, motivation and team building for Branford General Contractors.

The incumbent must be adept at trouble shooting issues the processes of the organisation and creating meaningful solutions that keep team members engaged and proactive. Of special importance will be their ability to plan, organise, monitor report and advise the Managing Director and the shareholders on pertinent human resource, industrial relations and legal issues.

 The goal is to ensure the company is constantly operating in a transparent, effective, efficient and harmonious manner and can bring its resources to bear on solving customers’ problems and meeting the business needs of the organisation.



Ethics, Values & Corporate Governance

1.     Ensures that the philosophy and values of Branford General Contractors are clearly communicated across the organisation and that administrative processes are in place to assure that all business operation comply with these guiding principles. 

2.     Drives compliance with the codes of ethics that govern professional conduct and our industry.

3.     Drive compliance with the applicable duties, standards and laws that govern professional conduct and our industry.

4.     Hold everyone who does work for Branford General Contractors accountable for executing work in keeping with the values, philosophy and ethical framework that governs this company.

Planning, Organizing and Executing Activities.

1.     Communicates the VMOST of the company to all stakeholders and makes sure that every team member understands their role in making it a reality.

2.     Requires that the goals and targets of the company are communicated and translated into action.

3.     Requires that activities that support safety goals and targets be given top priority.

4.     Creates systems, blocks times and creates a culture conducive to communicating all goals, objectives and targets to those responsible for executing.

5.     Defines strategies for holding Directors, Managers and Supervisors accountable for the delivery of service and products in keeping with the ethics and values of Branford General Contractors.

6.     Facilitates the creation of performance standards and a performance management system for all key processes of the organisation.

7.     Caries out all related duties and services.

Financial Leadership

1.     Holds all money positions accountable for compliance with financial plans and procedures.

2.     Oversees the execution of all activities that support statutory and regulatory compliance with all laws of Trinidad and Tobago, especially laws governing financial transparency.

3.     Oversees the payroll function and ensures that the finance section has accurate information on the remuneration due to members of staff inclusive of deductions and additions/increases. 

Team Leadership

1.     Provides confidential counselling to all members of staff on professional matters.

2.     Analyses performance plans and assists leaders in making meaningful recommendations for improvement.

3.     Mediates in conflict situations.

4.     Devises strategies and tactics to maximise collaboration and coordination between stake holders.

Technical Leadership

1.    Develop implement and maintain a comprehensive human resource development and management plan. This would include a strategic HR plan that is in keeping with the VMOST of the company.

2.    Create, review, update, communicate, implement and enforce procedures and policies that govern the work of the organisation.

3.    Support the managing director in clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of each team member and use the performance management plan and performance standards to drive high levels of service delivery.

4.    Convene investigations, hearings and disciplinary committees to address serious breaches of company policy.

5.    Execute or enable timely performance appraisals of all personnel within the organisation.

6.    Put systems in place to assure that all approved projects are adequately resourced.

7.    Develop and implement strategies for the fostering of a culture of accountability, conflict transformation and collaboration.

8.    Take a leadership role in determining the training needs of the company, executing the training plan, evaluating training programs and all other matters concerning the management of the training function.

9.    Develop, implement and resource a system of rewards and progressive disciplinary measures.

Safety Leadership

1.    Takes leadership role in implementing the HSE Policies of the company.

2.    Manages the allocation of resources to executing all work safely.

3.    Monitors the status of corrective action and ensures that human and other resources are mobilised to prevent accidents.

4.    Assures that all levels f the organisation are held accountable for safe work and their safety responsibilities.



Education & Certification:

●      An advanced diploma or degree in management, human resources, psychology, law or a related discipline from a recognized university.

●      Broad knowledge and experience industrial relations, law, compensation, organizational planning, organization development, employee relations, safety, training and development.

●      Certification in HSE considered an asset.


●      A minimum of five (5) years’ experience in an executive position of a medium to large organization.  

●      Proven experience and competence in:

o   Organizational leadership

o   Coaching and motivation

o   Human Resource Management  

o   Industrial relations and dispute resolution


Attitude & Behavioral


●      Preparation of HR documents.

●      Excellent written communication.

●      Excellent human relations skills.

●      Strong leadership and people management skills

●      Good empathetic, negotiation, teambuilding, judgement and decision making instincts

●      Change management

●      Complex problem solving

●      Creative thinking

●      Attention to detail

The intent of this job description is to provide a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities performed by incumbent. The incumbent may be requested to perform job-related tasks other than those specifically documented herein. This JD may be re-worded from time to time to reflect such applicable duties.

Starting Salary- $7,500.00

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