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Company: St. Mary's Children's Home

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Job Ref.: Job

Job Title: Psychologist

Duration: Three (3) Years



Town / City: Tacarigua

Job Type: Temporary / Contract

Job description:

 Job Summary

The incumbent is expected to have considerable experience in a specialized area of clinical or counseling psychology. The incumbent will be an integral part of the Care Team responsible for treatment plans; work will include the collection, interpretation and application of scientific data relating to human behavior and mental processes. Assignments are received from the Manager or designated reporting officer however; work is performed with considerable independence and initiative in accordance with the standards of the profession and is subject to review for results achieved through progress reports and discussion.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conducts psychometric and psychological tests related to the diagnosis, treatment and/or prevention or emotional and personality disorders including the assessment of intelligence, cognitive functioning generally and the assessment of personality by personality tests.
  • Constructs and administers valid and reliable test batteries to help determine suitability of applicants for employment or selection for specific purpose and serves as a member of related interviewing panels.
  • Collect information about individuals or clients, using interviews, case histories, observational techniques, and other assessment methods.
  • Analyze data such as interview notes, test results, and reference manuals in order to identify symptoms, and to diagnose the nature of clients' problems.
  • Guide and co-ordinate the development of individual care plans for residents.
  • Consult with other professionals to discuss therapies, treatments, counselling resources, or techniques, and to share occupational
  • Uses psychological treatment methods to alleviate behavioural and other problems in the areas of education, vocations, family relations and/or individual functioning.
  • Counsel individuals, groups, or families to help them understand problems, define goals, and develop realistic action plans.
  • Conducts studies of the success rate of psychotherapeutic methods and maintains a progress control.
  • Provides individual and group guidance and counseling services to assist in achieving more effective personal, social, educational, vocational development or adjustment.
  • Performs related work as may be required.

 Knowledge,Skills and Abilities

  • Considerable knowledge of the principles, practices, theories and techniques of Psychology in a particular field of specialization.
  • Considerable knowledge of human behavior, the learning process, personality traits formats and cognitive development.
  • Considerable knowledge of psychological tests and their application.
  • Knowledge of statistics and research methodology.
  • Knowledge of current social, economic and health problems and resources with special emphasis on environmental factors affecting mental health.
  • Knowledge of all relevant mental health legislation of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Ability to devise and conduct interviews and to make personality assessments.
  • Ability to express ideas effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Confidentiality with respect to information records concerning families and children.
  • Willing to mentor junior staff.
  • Ability to use tact and be sensitive when dealing with children and families.
  • Demonstrable interest in children, their needs and rights.
  • Child friendly approach to working with children.

Qualifications required:

 Minimum Qualifications and Experience

Some experience in the professional practice of Psychology and training as evidenced by the possession of a Master of Science Degree in Psychology supplemented by training in a specialized branch of Psychology; or any equivalent combination of experience and training.


 Applications can be sent via email to:

Deadline for submissionof applications is September 10, 2018.

Thank you for your interest in applying to this position but only suitable applicants will be acknowledged.






Question 1:

Do you have specialized training in Psychology?

Question 2:

How many years experience do you have working with children?

Please answer the questions to Apply

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