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Company: North Central Regional Health Authority

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Job Type: Temporary / Contract

Job description:

Qualifications required:


Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons to fill the position at the North-Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) for a three (3) month period.


The incumbent will be responsible for the evaluation, therapeutic intervention and/or rehabilitation and training of paediatric clients with developmental delays, developmental disabilities and/or complex medical challenges; and educating and training of their caregiver(s). Work involves evaluating and treating paediatric clients with a variety of neurodevelopmental disabilities and/or complex medical challenges that affects their overall development, especially their cognitive development as relevant to their overall current and future functioning, Training is to be extended to the caregivers of these minors with various types of disabilities. As necessary, these duties are to be performed individually (as guided by his/her professional scope of practice) and/or within a multi-disciplinary frame-work as guided by the policies of the CDBU. Work is performed with considerable independence under the general supervision of the Clinical Lead of the CDBU, who reviews work through discussions, reports and general observations.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Organize, plan and direct relevant activities, related to their professional scope of practice as an Developmental Therapist/ Early Interventionist in the Child Development and Behaviour Unit of the NCRHA
  • Evaluate, diagnose and record the nature of the client’s general daily functioning as well as specific strengths and weaknesses, relevant to their overall functioning by using clinical and observational assessments, as well as special standardized evaluation tools and instruments, per scope of practice and established international standards; specifically , but not limited to the following areas:
  1. Cognitive Functioning – pre-verbal verbal communication (as developmentally     appropriate), early literacy skills,
  2. Activities of Daily Living - self-care, feeding, relevant assistive devices;
  3. Gross motor skills – head control, sitting, standing, postural control
  4. Fine-motor skills, pre-writing/writing skills,
  5. Visuo-motor functioning – visual tracking, visual closure, body scheme, spatial relations
  6. Communication – receptive, expressive and social communication as developmentally appropriate
  7. Social Skills – play , social communication
  • Provide treatments by developing and revising individualized plans of care tailored to each client's needs.
  • Design and implement learning opportunities for the child, utilizing the caregiver’s and child’s daily routines.
  • Facilitate the child’s learning of social play, reciprocity, turn taking, and play with peers, siblings and adults.
  • Support the caregiver’s ability to interpret the child’s cues accurately and respond appropriately.
  • Assist the caregiver in anticipating the next steps in their child’s development and to adapt the home as a learning environment
  • Model for the caregiver and family appropriate and cost-effective strategies to support learning.
  • Plan for and link current developmental and learning experiences and teaching strategies with those of the next educational setting/transitional setting
  • Establish and maintain a system of written documentation that is professional, efficient and accountable
  • Keep and maintain client’s records by recording and updating evaluations, changes, progress, and treatments.
  • Develop, as appropriate, home programming to maintain and enhances the performance of CDBU clients in their natural environments.
  • Communicate assessment findings in an appropriate manner (via written report and also via verbal review) to parents, clients, referral source and any other named agent as per standards of NCRHA. Where conflicts or concerns arise, consultation with Clinical Lead of the CDBU as required.
  • Make every effort to coordinate individual goals with parent and clients identified “core multidisciplinary team” to ensure that goals are relevant and will generally contribute to the client’s progress towards his/her functional ability.
  • Identify and obtain materials, tools, supplies and equipment for the various types of activities in which clients are engaged and instructs/assists client and/or their caregiver in their appropriate use.
  • Manage caseloads taking account of priority cases, waiting lists, successful outcomes, referrals and timing of discharge of service users.
  • Attend case conferences concerning client’s welfare and represents the professional viewpoint of occupational therapists on the CDBU multi-disciplinary team
  • Improve quality of outcomes by studying, evaluating, and re-designing processes; implementing changes; participating in research programs and evaluating new equipment, devices, and techniques.
  • Keep up to date on new techniques and approaches by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.
  • Identify current trends and issues of working with infants and toddlers, who have developmental disabilities and other special needs, and seek out opportunities to remain current in the field of child development, and early childhood special education.
  • Maintain accreditation compliance by adhering to the respective regulations, and professional standards.
  • Counsel and provide guidance to clients with challenges with activities of daily living, and educate their families and caregivers.
  • Assist in professional development of other members of the multidisciplinary team at the CDBU in the fundamentals of Special Education and Developmental Therapy and facilitating early brain development.
  • Maintain supplies inventory by checking stock; anticipating needs; placing and communicating these in a timely manner to the CDBU Clinical Lead and CDBU Business Manager
  • Perform other related duties as directed by the organisational relationship.

 Minimum Qualifications, Requirements and Experience:

  • Training as evidenced by a Masters Level degree in Special Education or Early Childhood Education. And evidence of further training in Early Childhood Intervention, Developmental Therapy, Developmental Psychology, Counselling, Rehabilitation and/or related disciplines.
  • A minimum of 3 years post training experience in evaluating and treating infants, children and adolescents with developmental disabilities and/or medical challenges

Certificates acquired at foreign universities MUST be supported by certified transcripts as well as evidence that the completed programme is accredited in Trinidad and Tobago.

Applications must be submitted along with Curriculum Vitae and copies of certificates by

October 03, 2018 to:


Office of the General Manager, Human Resources

North-Central Regional Health Authority

Building # 39, Third Floor

Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex

Champs Fleurs


Unsuitable/late applications will not be acknowledged.

This vacancy is closed.

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