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Company: RAMCO Industries Ltd

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Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

General Accountability:

The LPG Service Technician is responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair and upgrade of commercial LPG installations and for the maintenance and repair of bulk tankers, forklift and bar-b-que cylinders in keeping with standard operating procedures and also in keeping with the health safety and environment policies governing the operations.

Specific Duties:

         q   Ensures at all times that the Group’s Health Safety and Environment Manager is informed of maintenance work to be performed

         q  Performs all Commercial Installations including piping for both Natural Gas and L.P.G. in keeping with standard operating procedures and the health, safety and environment policies governing the operations.

         q  Responsible for the repair of Filling Station (– pump, meter, by-pass valve, and piping).

         q  Maintains all Bulk Trucks and Haulage Tankers including piping, pumps, tank fittings, by-pass valves, meters, swivel joints, and hose reels.

         q  Responds to all customer calls in a timely manner concerning leaking installations and Bulk Tanks.

         q  Conducts pressure testing of non-standard cylinders using compressed air and water, according to NFPA 58 guidelines.

         q  Services all cylinders ranging from five (5) gallons and upwards.

         q  Liaises with the Ministry of Energy and Fire Department for all installations over one hundred (100) gallons.

         q  Prepares the Monthly Maintenance Report for tank wagons and bulk trucks using the L.P.G. Cargo tank inspection checklist.    

         q  Requests via the Purchasing Clerk the purchasing of new parts for the Installation Department in keeping with standard operating procedures.

         q  Provides support to the Sales Division (Bulk Department) as directed by the Senior Installations team leader, Plant & Operations Manager.

Qualifications required:

Person Specifications

   Minimum Acceptable Academic/Technical/Professional Qualifications

          q  Three (3) CXC subjects including English Language
          q  Craft Certificate in Plumbing/Pipe Fitting

  Minimum number of years of Relevant Experience.

         q  Six (6) months on the job training

 Specific Skills/ Experience and/or Knowledge

         q  Some hands on experience in pipe fitting.

         q  The ability to plan and organize work to meet schedules and timelines.

         q  Knowledge of occupational hazards and standard safety practices.

         q  Working knowledge of the Occupational Safety ND health Act of Trinidad and Tobago.

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