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Company: VemBEV Limited

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Job Ref.:

Job Title: Management Accountant



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

The successful candidate will be responsible for the analysis and presentation of key financial data to assist senior management in making critical business decisions.


  • Managing the Company’s Settlement process inclusive of settling with Distributors for sales transactions and inventory shrinkage.
  • Ensuring that prices being charged to customers are correct and accurately reflected in the Financial System and that steps taken to adjust prices comply with the Company’s SOPs.
  • Supervising the Accounts Receivable function and ensuring that credit risk is minimized through the implementation of internal controls for credit approval and settlement.
  • Ensuring that all revenue is properly recorded, collected and deposited in a timely manner.
  • Providing leadership for Credit Control by limiting bad debt exposure and expenses through the direct management of credit terms; maintaining strong cash flows through efficient collections and measuring and reporting on cash collection efficiency.
  • Reviewing credit limits with Sales Representatives and leading the Credit Review Committee to ensure proper terms and limits are set to facilitate growth of the business.
  • Ensuring credit notes are processed for returns, price differences and expiries in a timely manner,that credit notes are dispatched to customers and all credit notes are reviewed and approved.
  • Ensuring the accurate and timely completion of applicable Management Reports as scheduled.
  • Assisting with the interpretation of accounting data to ensure it relates to the economic reality of the business.
  • Managing the financial information base to a level where it can be used to control Company resources efficiently and effectively.


  • Level 3 ACCA or a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management or Accounting plus two (2) years’ experience working within a manufacturing operationor any relevant combination of education and experience.  Beverage industry experience will be an asset.
  • Strong analytical, organizational and communication skills as well as Microsoft Office proficiency are essential for this position.

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