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Company: Employer Confidential

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Job Ref.:

Job Title: Command Centre Shift Supervisor



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:



SUMMARY OF JOB:  The Command Centre Shift Supervisor reports to the Head of Operations, and supports the smooth and effective day-to-day running of the Command Centre, coordinating all necessary resources to ensure that there is a full complement of Officers at all locations and quality delivery of service, as per Standing Orders agreed with clients.


Client Delivery

·       Ensure that locations are furnished with the required manpower as per contractual agreement daily, and follow up on any anomalies and shortages (as against the monthly roster and manpower listing).

o   Officers should not be relocated from assigned locations unless in exceptional cases an authorization must be granted by Head of Operations.

·       Ensure all Client daily reports (location report, patrol report) and adhoc reports (e.g. Incident report) are completed accurately and distributed to all relevant persons, by 8am for daily report and within 12 hours for adhoc reports.

·       Ensure Guard patrols are conducted as required for each shift. All checkpoints must be scanned as required, and follow-up conducted with officers for non-compliance. Head of Operations must be updated in the case of sustained non-compliance.

·       Contact clients to inform of issues relating to tardiness and absenteeism, immediately as they occur (typically when Area Supervisor is not available to liaise with Client).

·       Respond to requests [for information/resources] from clients and authorized personnel in a timely manner, having gained the necessary authorization from the Head of Operations.

·       Ensure that all special client requests are captured in Special Events Log Book, including the original request and the manner in which it was actioned, liaising with Head of Operations for approval accordingly.

Reporting & Documentation

·       Ensure that Status reports are distributed daily at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., respectively, and Summary status reports by 7am, 8am, 9am and 10am daily for day shifts (as required), and by 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. daily for evening shifts.

·       Ensure Incident reports are prepared and submitted as they occur, at latest before the end of the current shift.

·       Ensure Firearm registers are updated accurately and timely in keeping with Company procedures.

·       Document information on unusual internal incidents within Command Centre.



·       Verify all Duty Sheets to ensure accuracy. Hours of work for Security Officers must coincide with Client’s contractual hours. Authorization must be granted by the Head of Operations for all hours of work beyond the usual contractual hours.

·       Ensure that a handover is conducted efficiently at the end of each shift, including but not limited to: driver runs, special duties, petty cash, incidents from prior shifts, special client duties relative to current shift, officers on sick leave, distribution of meals, assignment of company vehicles including its working condition, etc..

·       Ensure that protocol is followed in relation to the continuation of duties.

·       Assist in managing the workflow of Command Centre to ensure that location targets are met and maintained.

·       Assist in managing the driving staff, in collaboration with Head of Operations (where necessary), to meet the Officer posting and extraction requirements, delivery of meal vouchers, salary slips, etc.

·       Assist in providing recommendations for the improvement of Command Centre operations.

·       Establish, create, update and maintain manual and automated filing systems and controls access to confidential information within the Command Centre.

·       Ensure that requests for information internally are responded to in a timely manner at all times in accordance to authorization guidelines.


·       In the absence of Command Centre Administrator, Loans, Petty cash and Meal voucher files to be kept updated, as relevant.

·       Ensure all reports for payroll are sent to the Accounts Department by Command Centre Administrator on Friday of each week. i.e. loans, meal vouchers, etc.

·       Prepare and submit monthly attendance for Command Centre Staff with attached notes (for the 26th of each month to the 25th of the subsequent month) by the 25th of each month to the Head of Operations.

·       Ensure that Petty Cash reports are accurate and submitted daily by 10 a.m. to the Accounts Department, and that physical checks of cash on hand are done at least twice per week.

·       Manage Petty Cash in the absence of Command Centre Administrator.

·       Ensure that all Petty Cash and Meal vouchers are authorized before distribution.


·       Assist with on-the-job training and motivating staff to deliver / improve services.

·       Assist with maintaining a professional work environment at all times.

·       Ensure that all personnel operate in a safe manner adhering to all the Company’s Environmental Health and Safety Policies and Procedures while executing duties to achieve 0% loss time due to accidents.

·       Perform related works as may be required by the Head of Operations.

Work conditions

·       Must be able to work shift duties – a.m., p.m., weekends, mixed.

·       Should be able to manage and effectively resolve issues of anger and conflict with Security Officers

·       Must be accessible by cell phone at any time, particularly whilst on duty.







Directly Reporting


Key Relationships

a) Employees under supervision:

b) Number of branches or locations:





Task # and Frequency

Performance Indicators

Results of Performance Indicators



Rosters must be distributed five (5) days before the start of the new month. Ensure that rosters from Supervisors are received by the 20th monthly.

Proper planning will ensure smooth operations with little or no gaps.


Conduct spot audits for Guard Patrols to ensure compliance. Provide Summary Report on patrols once per week regarding the findings from spot audit. Critical items should be reported immediately.

Spot audits will ensure checks and balances are completed for compliance.


Communicate change in writing relating to manpower changes and ensure that sign in is received on it.

This will ensure accountability in the department regarding the said manpower changes.


Ensure status reports are distributed on stipulated timeframes.

Appropriate action and planning could taken if reports are submitted on time.


Submit a monthly report to the Head of Operations compiling all data relating to Command Centre Operations and the Drivers.

Appropriate action and planning could taken if reports are submitted on time.


Create a template for Handovers so Handovers could be more structured and documented to send to Head of Operations

Appropriate action and planning could taken if reports are submitted on time.


Ensure that all reports are sent weekly to Payroll and Accounts regarding loans and meal vouchers. All loans must be approved by Head of Operations. 

This will assist Accounts in reducing overpayment and also ensure transparency and fairness in distribution of meal vouchers and loans.


Assist with providing support to CAP Operations when necessary.

This will ensure there are no gaps in our workflow operations in NOSS and CAP.

Formal Education:

Required hands-on, technical or other types of training to perform the job:

·       Excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills;

·       Excellent customer service skills

·       Adapts to challenging situations and remains positive;

·       Ability to work independently and as an effective part of a team;

·       Professional, organized, and ability to plan and prioritise;

·       Dependable and resourceful;

·       Works well under pressure;

·       Ability to multitask and problem-solve in a fast-paced environment;

·       Ability to handle sensitive, confidential information with diplomacy;

·       High level of honesty and integrity

·       Advanced knowledge and proficiency with Email and MS Office Suite.






Microsoft Office Suite


·       A Bachelors Degree in Business Management or related field would be an asset;

·       At least 3 years experience working in a similar position;

·       Certified to operate firearms would be an asset;

·       Experience in the Security Industry would be an asset.


Relationship Building

Able to develop, maintain, and strengthen relationships with others inside or outside of the organization who can provide information, assistance, and support.


Effectively communicates by actively listening and sharing relevant information so as to anticipate problems and ensure effectiveness of the firm; effectively communicates by adjusting style, tone and level of detail appropriate to the audience and occasion

Customer Focus

Is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of clients in a manner that provides satisfaction for the client and fosters client loyalty. It implies helping or serving others, to meet their needs. It means focusing on discovering those needs and figuring out how to best meet them.


Adaptability / Flexibility

Able to adapt to and work with a variety of situations, individuals and groups. Able to think on feet, and not being disconcerted or stopped by the unexpected.eportss lpliance ofernal customers.Best Practices. Warehousingrehouse Attendantslaince

Planning & Organising
Establishes a systematic course of action for self to ensure accomplishment of specific objectives. Sets priorities, goals, tracking systems and timetables to achieve maximum productivity.


Does more than is required or expected in the job; does things that no one has requested that will improve or enhance service, avoid problems, or develop opportunities.

Problem Solving / Analytical Skills

Builds a logical approach to address problems or opportunities or manage the situation at hand by drawing on own knowledge and experience base and calling on other references and resources as necessary.

Ethics and Integirty

Has concern for the degree of trustworthiness and ethical behaviours, with consideration for the knowledge one has of the impact and consequences when making a decision or taking action.



A job description is meant to describe the general nature and level of work being performed for a position at a particular moment in time and can therefore be modified at management’s discretion. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, and skills required of a position, nor is it intended to remain a static document.                

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