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Company: Dominos Pizza

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Job Ref.: Job

Job Title: Store Manager



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:


  • To ensure that sales projections are achieved, so that our market share grows continually.
  • To ensure that all Domino’s crew members (new and existing) meet Domino’s International standards on product, service and image through planning, organizing, executing and following-up of all operational activities, so  that the store at a minimum  maintains the standard of a Three (3) Star Store when an Operation Evaluation Report is conducted.
  • To ensure the profitability of the store through food cost and labour cost control.
  • To lead by example and contribute to a fun and positive working environment while adhering to Domino’s internal policies and procedures.



  • Inventory Control
  • Analysis of variances in the inventory on a daily basis. Appropriate action taken to reduce the shortage of food that could be reflected in the variance of the Actual and Ideal Food Cost reports.
  • Make Staff Schedules for employees so that they are in line with sales projections and take into consideration the impact on Labour Cost Control.  Work Schedules must be made to allow time for training and adequate rest periods. All schedules must be made and posted before Thursday.
  • Ensure Managers In Training (MIT 1, MIT 2, MIT 3) are trained so that they progress along their career paths in the shortest possible time.
  • Ensure high standards of Cleanliness through the adherence of the Cleaning Schedule and Oven Cleaning Chart by the entire store team.
  • Maintenance of high standards relative to Product, Service and Image. This includes the infrastructure of the internal and external surroundings of the store, image of Staff and delivery units must be at all times in accordance with Domino’s International standards.
  • Achieve sales projection and grow market share through Planning, Organizing, Executing and Following-up of Local Store Marketing (LSM) plans and activities. All plans should be documented and posted so that they could be known by all and their achievement easily measured.
  • Business development activities must be undertaken to develop our presence in events, activities to increase our market share.
  • Interview prospective employees to ensure a ready pool of labour, in order to maintain and provide a constant supply of quality labour as the need arises.
  • Maintain time keeping records relative to absenteeism, tardiness and cash shortages.  Present data to the immediate supervisor on a monthly basis.
  • Plan, Organize, Execute and Follow-up training activities.
  • Ensure all staff practice Smart Hustle and Heighten Time Awareness (HTA).
  • Ensure effective team relationship exist through monthly motivational activities, such as in store competitions.
  • Makes orders that support the sales projections so that the store does not run out of supplies nor does it exceed the percent of food cost in terms of money.

Qualifications required:

Additional Requirements

1.The store managers should have at least 2 years experience in a Quick Service Restaurant.

3. Should be between 25 - 45 years

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