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Company: Branford General Contracting Services Company Limited

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Job Ref.:

Job Title: Business Development Officer



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

Job Description

Job Title

Business Development Officer

Job Reference No.



Business Development

Created / Revised


Reports to

Managing Director

Staff Supervised



Type of position:

þFull-time       Part-time        Contractor        Intern


job summary:

Responsible for building and maintaining the Group Company and its subsidiaries sales, marketing and brand. This role will be coupled with ensuring the IT aspect of these said companies are set to a standard and maintained.





Sales Aspect:

  • Travel to different neighborhoods and cities going door-to-door with the goal of selling merchandise or services.
  • Sets up and demonstrates product or service and shows how customer can maximize on their features.
  • Show a presentation on product and service features.
  • Convince client to purchase product or service using a script or persuasive sales techniques.
  • Distribute product samples or perform demonstrations on service.
  • Hand out pamphlets.
  • Write up orders for merchandise or service secured.
  • Negotiate prices within given range.
  • Travel by foot or automobile to deliver or sell merchandise or services.
  • Handle cash-in-hand transactions and provide accurate change.
  • Develop prospect list or lead list.
  • Circle back and follow up with customers who are in the position to buy the product.
  • Develop constructive and cooperative working relationships with others.
  • Work an assigned territory, often up to 30-50 houses or locations per day.
  • Win back or upgrade current or former customers.
  • Assist with installation of product or service. 
  • Enlighten customers about features that makes product better than competitors. 
  • Suggest specific product or service purchases.
  • Clean up demonstration area before leaving.

Information Technology:

  • Build and maintain the Group Company and its subsidiaries websites.
  • E-Commerce Product Research and data entry (critical product information, SKUs, technical specs, product descriptions, design, pricing, pictures/images, trending items, feedback/product reviews and rating, etc. from reliable online sources).
  • Create flyers, videos and ads for Group Company and subsidiaries.
  • Aid with maintenance of Group Company and subsidiaries social media sites. (includes creating, amending and approving work) 
  • Performs related work as assigned.


·       Research and have knowledge of product or services

·       Strong interpersonal skills

·       Effective listening skills

·       Planning and execution skills

·       Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)

·       Negotiation skills

·       Analytical skills

·       Problem-solving skills 

·       Strong presentation skills

·       Customer Service Skills

·       Results Oriented

·       Energetic


·          3 years minimum experience in Sales, preferably door-to-door sales

·          3 years minimum experience in IT or Computer science


·       Associate degree in Computer Science and management / Information Technology

·       Industry Training

·       Strong understanding of customer and market dynamics

Other work related requirements

·       Willingness to work on commission

·       Valid Driver’s License and working vehicle will be an asset

SALARY- $5,000.00 (basic) plus an attractive commission package

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