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Company: Pillai Tools Company Ltd

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Job Ref.:

Job Title: Accounting Assistant



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:


The incumbent will be responsible for performing a variety of professional level accounting duties involved in preparing, maintaining, analyzing, verifying, and reconciling financial transactions, statements, records, and reports in a timely manner; maintains the accuracy of the company’s ledgers and financial systems. He/She will provide accounting, professional and administrative support to the Administrative Manager/ Accountants to ensure the efficient and effective performance of the various functions.


1.    Prepare and enter all banking transactions- deposit slips and card transactions for the current month by the 7th day of the next month.

2.      Verify Cash Count Sheets daily and ensure deposits match. Ensure that credit notes and receipts are entered accurately and sign off as being checked.

3.     Reconcile Cash In Hand Report

4.    Examine, verify and match invoices to purchase orders (where applicable).

5.    Identify errors or discrepancies and resolve with supplier/ vendor before processing payment.

6.    Prepare payments for signature in a timely manner, keeping within vendor’s payment terms.

7.    Sort, code and enter data for example invoices, credit notes, cheque payment vouchers and payments into Sage.

8.    Contact vendors in a timely manner regarding payment collection.

9.     Open, maintain and update vendor accounts, both local and foreign.

10. Enter foreign supplier invoices and payments

11. Managing Receivables- providing regular follow up calls to customers regarding payments to keep within credit facility agreement

12. Manage local Payables

13. Assist with bank reconciliation for company accounts

14. Create/ Open Account numbers keeping within the numbering- eg. Income/ COGS/Inventory/Expense Accounts etc when necessary

15. Collaborate with the Accountant:

ú  to ensure VAT payment is prepared and ready before the due date (25th of every other month)

ú  for the preparation of quarterly taxes i.e Green Fund Levy and Corporation Tax ( due 30th March , June, September & December)

ú  regarding the preparation and filing of Annual Returns for Profit- due on March 22nd each year.

ú  for the preparation and filing of Corporation Tax Return ( due by April 30th every year for the previous year)

16. Schedule monthly meetings with the Accountant for the review of data entered and also to meet with Management regarding the Company’s financials.

17.  File documents in accordance with Company procedures.

18.  Clean up Accounting System ensuring that we follow the guidelines of good accounting principles and standards.

19.  Recommend changes to existing methods and systems to increase accuracy and efficiency.

20.  Carry out all other related and miscellaneous duties as per Supervisor's instruction(s).


·          ACCA Level 1 Certification or CAT Level III

·         Peachtree Certification or basic experience with software

·         Proficient in Microsoft Office- mainly word and excel

·         2 -3 years’ experience in an accounting field

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