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Company: Employer Confidential 20

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Job Ref.:

Job Title: Operations Team Lead



Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

Operations Team Lead


  • To lead a team to ensure the delivery of new projects as well as day to day administration including providing expert advice, information and financial and statistical data to employers and clients to enable fully informed decisions on their pension plans to be made;
  • Adhere to procedures and strict timelines to ensure benefits are remitted to service providers within a shared services environment;
  • Adhere to changes in Regulations & Legislations and inform the team of any such changes and make the appropriate change to documents;
  • Design and implement systems and procedures to reduce process bottlenecks.


  • Supervising and co-ordinating daily work flow in department including updating of Department Tracker;
  • Liaising with HR/managers at client companies to ensure timely, smooth and correct receipt of information and documentation from client and its employees;
  • Standardizing and maintaining master spreadsheets for each client for each process eg. monthly remittances;
  • Troubleshooting and resolving inconsistencies in any administration process, and documenting new/updated processes and solutions;
  • Liaising regularly with insurance companies to ensure instructions are executed accurately and timely;
  • Checking over complex calculations prepared by officers before sending to client or insurer;
  • Training new administration officers on all processes of the department;
  • Monthly reconciliation of all contributions received, including notifying accounts of amounts to invoice to each client monthly;
  • Monitor and supervise enrolments and terminations for all clients;
  • Conducting administration sessions with groups of client employees to explain compliance requirements, to create understanding and buy in & to encourage contributions where appropriate;
  • Oversee and reconcile remittance of monthly contributions to insurance company to ensure that 12 months’ remittances are submitted by December 31 each year



  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Management
  • Detailed work experience in Excel
  • Work experience in the insurance sector would be beneficial
  • DEADLINE – Friday 18th January 2019

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